ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Little Bit of Liner

Fall is not a season that is kind to beauty trends and makeup application. When the cold weather hits, so does dry skin, chapped lips, and scarves to cover your face when necessary. The one stalwart in the winter season seems to be eye makeup. While summer brings days at the pool and melting mascara, liner and shadow can last all day in artic weather. This Fashionista knows that a carefully constructed cat eye can bring a hot look to a chilly day.

If this style of winged liner looks familiar, it’s because it’s nearly identical to Adele’s signature cat eye. Applied thickly and with precision, the liner brings attention to everyone’s best feature, and makes the eyes large and alluring. The look works because, while it may take time to perfect, it’s not an overly involved makeup process. With a good felt tip or liquid liner this can be achieved with practice.

This Fashionista’s eye makeup carried over to her outfit as inspiration. Her sweater features a well-defined eye that becomes the main focus of the shirt. With a few bold accents in her look, the Fashionista keeps the rest of the look simple. She opts for a trendy green army jacket as a layering piece. Dealing with the gloomy weather, she also chose to wear black thermal leggings that match with the look while keeping her cozy in the low temperatures.

How To: If you’ve been nervous about attempting winged liner, take the plunge and practice in front of your mirror over the winter break. With a cheap or expensive liner, you can master a quick makeup look that will wow you friends and make your eyes pop.