ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Little Bit Of Fringe

Fashion trends are always evolving, and items rarely go in and out of style quickly. Instead, they are slowly developed and incorporated into outfits in new ways. One trend that is slowly creeping its way back into the spotlight is fringe. From accessories like boots and bags to larger items like leather vests, a lot of spring fashion items are sporting a frayed edge.

This Fashionista took on the fringed look in a subtle and classy way. Her cowl neck sweater with a tasseled bottom was the perfect way to try out the look without too much commitment. The tasseled fringe makes the outfit a little less casual and perfect for class. She paired her sweater with a pair of her go-to blue jeans and some lace-up burgundy boots.

Fringe often gets a bad reputation because people associate it with a bohemian lifestyle. This Fashionista proves that fringe can work in a more casual, classy situation as well. She could rock this look in any occasion, from a day in class to date night, proving that fringe can work for more occasions than just a festival. If you’re intrigued by the idea of fringe but don’t want to go into full festival fashion mode, look for something like this Fashionista’s sweater that incorporates the trend in a small way.

How To: Ready to take on the fringe trend in a casual but cute way? Pick up a frayed T-shirt, and pair it with a simple pair of ripped boyfriend jeans to get the perfect spring look. If you’re interested in being a little more daring, try a fringed leather jacket instead.