Finding the perfect accessories to complete an outfit can often be difficult. With the large variety of styles, materials and colors of jewelry, there are many different ways to dress up a look in order to make it your own. Some outfits may call for a large statement piece or a bright accent of color that work to define the look. Contrarily, other ensembles may simply require small and tasteful hints of detail in order to truly shine. This is where gold accents come into play. Small and attractive accents of gold throughout an outfit can work to create a more sophisticated and desirable look.

Gold is timeless in its use in jewelry and when used appropriately, presents itself as an effortless detail. This Fashionista flawlessly executes the use of subtle, yet chic accents of gold to tie together her look. The gold earrings that she is wearing bring attention to her face without overpowering her features. They add a sense of shine, while the simple design is interesting and clean. The next hint of gold is found in the watch that the Fashionista is wearing. The mixture of gold and tortoise perfectly complement one another and enhance the watch by giving it a more interesting dynamic. This mixture makes the inclusion of gold more noteworthy and diverse from typical accessories. It allows the Fashionista to incorporate other styles while still creating a chic and classic look. The small hint of gold that is found on the buckle of the Fashionista’s boot is a subtle way to pull together the entire outfit without looking forced. These pops of gold throughout the Fashionista’s ensemble complement her simple outfit in the most valuable way. The gold accents add the perfect amount of detail to this Fashionista’s black and white apparel and ultimately incorporate pieces that are refreshing and will gain the attention of others. Gold accents stand out in a way that promotes and enhances the beauty of the Fashionista.

How To: There are many ways in which a pop of gold can transform a look. By adding varying combinations of a gold bracelet, ring, pair of earrings or a watch, you can make the total ensemble more interesting and complete. When adding these accessories, keep in mind that simple accents can have a large impact on an outfit.