ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Blooming Statement

March 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

With the warmer temperatures slowly blowing in, spring is on its way, which means a change in your wardrobe is necessary. Students here on campus definitely are excited when the first warm day arrives. While strolling around campus, you will see many students embracing the beautiful weather and swapping their long, snug coats for a lighter jacket or sweatshirt. However no matter how much you love your spring jacket, don’t let it always steal the show!  One way to change up your style is to add an element of detail to your look.

We can take inspiration from this Fashionista, who is certainly ready for spring fashion. In order to add some warmth on these cool, early spring days, she layered a navy blue quilted vest over a white, loose knit sweater. She kept the clothing pieces neutral and stuck with a white, navy and black color palette. This was a smart choice in order to draw emphasis to the jeweled statement necklace.  Her colorful jewelry piece is sure to add a stylish and chic touch. The resemblance of flowers on the necklace is suiting for a season filled with bloom.  A more subtle detail of this look are the gold accents. The vest zippers and buttons, the necklace chain and the kate spade bangle all contribute to create cohesiveness throughout the look.

How To: Remember to always add an element of detail to simple and neutral-colored outfit. A statement necklace, a bold scarf or fun hat are always good picks. Adding accents of a color, such as gold or silver, is a great way to tie your look together. Springtime is a fresh and vibrant season, so let your style emanate that by adding unique touches of details!