Not every outfit can or will be the most amazing, trend-setting look of the year. I’ve learned that sometimes, when you get to the point that you realize this, texture and patterns are the go-to solution to get any Fashionista out of a fashion rut.

This Fashionista is one of my best friends and never fails to turn a minimalist look into something interesting by mixing and matching textures and patterns, balancing out loose and tight and high and low with many different aspects of her look.

The textured, gray top not only gives the look a refined, classy element, but the shape works perfectly with the ruffled edges of the patterned shorts. Another great element of this Fashionista’s look is the fact that the gray top stands alone in its color; no other part of the outfit has that shade of gray, making the look less “by-the-book” or “matchy-matchy.”

Pulling in a major trend by pairing the top and shorts with knee-high black boots also gives this Fashionista a cool girl vibe. The texture of the boots is different from any other texture in the look, making it so each piece contributes its own individual aspect to the overall outfit. Not to mention the fact that the top is more conservative and the shorts are flirty, the boots aren’t overwhelming and they don’t undermine the classy element of this Fashionista’s style.

Another important detail of this outfit is the decision to not include a lot of statement jewelry. This Fashionista’s boots are the statement, and the pattern peeking out from her shorts under the textured top speak to her taste and don’t require a lot of jewelry to make it an outfit worth noting.

The color scheme in general is also another aspect of this look that ties it all together without needing statement pieces that undermine the subtle details. It’s not a pallet you see every day, yet it works extremely well. It’s muted, modern, minimalist, and catches the eye right away. The details of this outfit are what balance it out so well, with nothing being repeated or overdone throughout the whole look.

This look is what I believe to be a perfect example of focusing on the details of the clothes to make an outfit interesting. So, the next time you’re staring at your closet without the slightest clue of what to wear, move on to the details and try to mix it up by making each piece of your look have a different texture or pattern. Play with the color scheme and shapes of the pieces you’re wearing, keeping in mind that every piece should maintain an overall balance.

My favorite motto within fashion is that less really is more. Fashion really is all in the details, especially when you’re a college student who is forever thinking you have nothing to wear.