The Easiest Summer Makeup Trend and How to Achieve It

Summer brings to mind bright colors and glowing skin. With just a few steps you can achieve one of the most popular looks for this season: monochrome makeup. The key to this makeup trend is to have a natural smooth base so that the single color really pops.

In order to get there, you have to utilize formulas best suited for your skin type. Put simply, those with drier skin should look for creamy products that hydrate the skin to leave a luminous finish, while oily-skinned individuals can achieve this same look by sticking to products aimed to leave a matte finish to help de-slick throughout the day. Normal to combination skin types are generally able to mix and match accordingly to achieve glowing skin.

I prep my combination skin using a cleanser, chemical exfoliator, moisturizer, and a smoothing primer with SPF. I make sure to wait a few minutes between steps to make sure my skin has absorbed each product. 

To target hyperpigmentation on my light/medium skin, I use a small amount of orange concealer around my mouth and under my eyes. I blend this into my skin with a concealer brush to neutralize my skin tone.

Then, I move to my eyebrows. Using a retractable eyebrow pencil, I use a light brown shade to outline the inner corner of my eyebrows and use a medium brown to define the rest of my eyebrow. In order to blend the harsh lines, I brush my eyebrows with a spool brush and use brow gel to keep them in place. For a crisp look, I use a small amount of my foundation on an angled brush and outline my brows. Don’t forget to blend!

Next, I apply my foundation with a flat foundation brush and use a beauty sponge to smooth out any streaks. I set the makeup on my nose, my forehead, and under my eyes with powder and proceed with a setting spray all over my face.

Now that I have a fresh canvas to work on, I decide which color I want to use. I picked a light raspberry shade and applied this as I would a blush and eyeshadow. I love to apply this from the tops of my cheeks to the sides of my temples in a “C” motion. For my lips, I used a similar toned creamy lipstick. Pro tip: If you are struggling to find a similar color in your collection, simply dust your eye shadow color over lip balm.

Finally, I add two coats of mascara. For added luminosity, I use a shimmering highlighter on the highest points of my face and the look is complete!

If you create a monochrome makeup look, be sure to tag @CFashionista on social media. I would love to see the fun colors you chose as the basis for this look!