More Color, More Life

Ever since the summer of 2017 began, I’ve set various goals for myself. An important one was to get more serious about my career goals and be more productive. Until recently, I’ve been shy with everything from dealing with new people to my sense of fashion. I’ve considered the fields that I’m passionate about—fashion and photography—and I’ve realized that networking is crucial both in the way you present yourself and intellectually. So, my first step was to add more color and statement pieces to my wardrobe.

My inspirations for my lifestyle, especially on the style spectrum, has always been God as well as various celebrities I admire. My religion plays a big role in my style because I don’t wear pants. So, one word that innately describes my style has always been modest. I’ve realized that modesty has always been “in” over the past decades, which has helped me be more confident with it. People rarely ask me why I don’t wear pants especially because of the unique culture we have today.

I decided to be more daring with my wardrobe while sticking to my roots. I’ve always loved the vintage, chic look and timeless pieces. My inspirations for fashion are Solange Knowles-Ferguson and various industry bloggers such as Shiona Turini and Aimee Song. They each have very different styles but inspire a piece of mine. Solange has always been free in her ever surprising style, serving major looks that express her free personality. She incorporates the right colors with the statement elements of her look that agree perfectly. Aimee and Shiona are prime examples of how you can incorporate your personal style with high-end fashion. They all share the perfect combinations with subtle, daring patterns and vibrant colors.

My uniform look is the nude palette. However, I have added pops of color that have really elevated not only my style but my lifestyle. Adding color really adds more to your life. I realized that I could freely make statements with my style while dressing modestly as well as be comfortable with who I am. As you can see, I did a red, monochromatic look with a hint of black. I paired a red ruffle dress with my mini suede, red clutch and lace-up sandals. This look allows me to be comfy and cool in the hot season. The lace-up sandals have been a staple for me this summer, adding the perfect neoclassical edge to my bold reds.

Do you think adding color to your wardrobe enhances your life? Let me know in the comments below!