ALL IN THE DETAILS: 50 Shades Of Black

When summer breezes transition into huge gusts of autumn winds, that’s when you know it is safe to dig out your favorite sweater. Scenic views of colorful leaf-covered streets are just another bonus of this time of year. So when a Fashionista takes a classic all-black approach and her daily background is busy with every other hue in the spectrum, it allows her to stand out.

Neiman Marcus said: “Women who wear black live colorful lives.” This Fashionista is living proof of this quote. She wears a charcoal black sweater from Forever 21, leggings and boots which serve as the perfect canvas to splash color on. This Fashionista decides to add a pop of color with her candied green apple clutch she purchased from Express. This clutch serves as the perfect statement piece. It draws you to her hands accessorized by her infinity ring which adds to her personality. Another trend this Fashionista showcases is the hot return of the choker. Whether plastic or made of metals, it seems to have a strong hold especially among the ’90s babies. I believe it is safe to say that it can now  be considered a classic throwback piece.

How To: To get this Fashionista’s look,  grab a pair of bubble patterned boots. The height is perfect for pairing with leggings, jeans and perhaps your go-to skirt. If you’d like another way to jazz up this look, consider a scarf.