ALL IN THE DETAIL: Back To The '90s

When we were kids going outside was the norm. The sun radiating its beams to warm the earth as it warmed us as we played. Even in college we can’t help but go outside and soak up the sun, instead of hiding away in our caves we call dorms or sitting at the picnic bench conversing about how close the end of the year is as our books are scattered on the table. We refused to let our books get in the way of the sun shining. Fashionistas and Fashionistos grace the sun with the presence of great outfits. No more sweatshirts and thick jackets trying to keep us warm as we trek to class.

This Fashionista struts her stuff gracefully to class. Instead of the popular trend of high-waisted skinny jeans, she sports high-waisted boyfriend jeans. The little details of the jeans are what make this look important. The Fashionista added a leather belt and lets it hang loose at the end. She also cuffs them at the bottom to show off her leather Palladium shoes. She rocks a colorfully printed cropped camisole. On top her camisole, a bold orange bomber jacket bringing us back to our ’90s days. For her accessories she has a printed headscarf tied in the front. The Fashionista also makes a statement with her sunglasses and her hooped earrings.

I love this look because it is and bold and loud. There is not one part of the outfit that makes you question the Fashionista’s choice of garments. She creatively and elegantly matches various colors and textures.

How To: If you like this Fashionista’s look, try it by grabbing a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and a pair of black Converse. I suggest Converse if you have a budget. Add a printed crop top (this link brings you to the perfect ’90s top) and pair it with a bomber jacket. Don’t be afraid of colors! That’s what the ’90s were all about.