All About That “Base”—The Skincare Tips Our Style Gurus Swear By!

One of the most important steps to your makeup is starting with a healthy base. While this is step is vital, it can be the one people neglect the most. Makeup can conceal imperfections but if the skin underneath isn’t taken care of properly then makeup can actually do more damage than good. To prevent skin damage and unwanted blemishes, take some time to give your skin some extra attention.

Here are just a few of our Style Gurus’ favorite skin care products and the benefits of using them.

Cleanse and Moisturise. After a long day there is nothing more satisfying than washing your face and letting your skin breath. Oils are big in beauty right now. Contrary to their name, oils are great for moisturizing even acne prone skin because they’re lightweight and don’t leave the skin greasy. And now that fall is setting in, opt for a cleansing cream to pull out excess makeup from your pores and leaves the skin moisturized at the same time.  (Photo via @caroline_dilone )


Face Masks.  Look at your skin and see if there are things that need a little more attention. Do you have a breakout or maybe your skin is looking a little dull and not as healthy? You can find a mask that targets those issues. Don’t feel like you have to stick to one face mask! Mix and match to customize to create the perfect combination of TLC for your skin. (Photo via @laurenhundt)


Rosewater. Dermatologists have said that rosewater is great for your skin. It can work as a toner to removes excess oils and makeup that you may have missed when washing your face. Rosewater also helps to soothe the skin and clear acne by preventing the growth of bacteria. Plus, the name “rosewater” just sounds lovely. So there’s that. (Photo via @melissaepifano )


Drink water. At the end of the day, once you’ve used your face masks and cleansed your skin until your pores are completely pure, the best thing for your skin is to drink water. Dehydration can cause dry, wrinkled skin, fine lines and even acne. By drinking water you energize the skin and lock in moisture from in the inside out.  (Photo via @juliacazares )