How to Actually Get the Perfect Feed

Have you always wanted the perfect feed? If the answer is “yes” and you’re like me, then you’ve probably spent forever scrolling through Instagram and stalking everyone with similar aesthetics as you.

Time to stop scrolling and start planning your own! In all honesty, creating an Instagram aesthetic is not that hard, plus, you can always find inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram!

Before we jump into how to have the perfect feed, let’s talk about why having the perfect feed may help you! Instagram has evolved into such a great tool for influencers and businesses. It is a way for people to connect who would have never had the chance. Having a similar feed as someone is honestly how I have made some of my closest friends! With all that being said, let’s talk apps!

The most common and well-loved editing app, also my personal favorite, is VSCO! This app is free and has amazing filters! I find using this app and the same filter (or some that have similar colors and undertones) helps ensure my feed stays looking sharp.

Something extra I like to add to my photo is whitening any white areas! This could be the white wall you took a photo in front of, a piece of clothing you are wearing, or even a water bottle! Whitening your photo is super easy and it always makes an incredible difference. For whitening, I use Facetune or AirBrush.

I’m a big planner so naturally planning my feed is a must! The app I like to use for planning my feed is UNUM. This is the coolest thing because it lets you plan your pictures and move them around and even see what your feed looks like if you were to delete some pictures.

I know jumping into an aesthetically pleasing Instagram can sound overwhelming, so I’m going to share some cute and easy picture ideas that always look good!

1—Flat lays. If you don’t know what a flat lay is, it’s basically a shot of multiple items taken from above. So, let’s say you have some cute sunglasses, a few magazines, and a cute water bottle, just position them on a table or the floor, stand above it, and boom! You’ve got yourself a flat lay! This is also a great example of when to whiten your picture. If you place the items on a white background, whitening helps it not look dull!

2—Detail shots. Let’s say you’ve been super busy and have not had time to think of an outfit and take pictures in it. No problem! Grab some accessories, a purse, a hat, or some sunglasses and take a picture of your favorite accessories of the moment!

3—Flowers. I’m sure you’ve all seen bloggers post pictures of flowers, they just always look good! You can find flowers everywhere! Your backyard, the grocery story or even just walking around town!

4—Be creative. This is after all your feed we are talking about! The most important thing in all this fun is that you enjoy it! Do not post something just because everyone else is. Stick to what you love and people will love you!

What’s your dream feed? Let me know in the comments below!