5 Ways to Pick Out an Outfit Faster Everyday

5 Ways to Pick Out an Outfit Faster Everyday

One of the most enjoyable and exciting parts of my day is when I get to decide what I want to wear. It is that glorious moment of standing in front of my closet and skimming through my clothing that allows for a flood of possible outfit ideas to flash through my mind. While I am sure this is a highlight of many CF community members’ day, I am also sure that too often we all have to rush the styling process to get out the door to class, work, or other obligations.

Well, that is why a year ago I did some research and some experimenting of my own and discovered a few different ways to get ready faster every morning. Here are five tips for how to pick out an outfit you love, faster, every day.

PHOTO: @wreckxng

01. Pick Out Your Outfit Inspo the Night Before 

This one is certainly not a secret, as I am sure you have all heard this a million times. However, there is a reason for that, as it is literally so useful. Last semester, when I had an 8 a.m. class, I started picking my outfits out the night before and I had my outfit planning down to a science every morning. 

However, if you do not want to pull clothing from your closet the night before, you can also try going on Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, or even Depop to find some outfits you want to recreate the next day. That way, when you wake up you know exactly what you’re looking for in your closet to put the look together.

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02. Organize Your Closet

This may seem irrelevant or confusing but believe me, it works wonders. Last year, I dedicated a whole weekend to organizing my clothes. I color-coordinated it and created sections for everything, and it truly made my life so much easier. Now, when I go to put together an outfit, I know exactly where everything is. You can also find other creative and fun ways to organize your closet through DIY projects.

PHOTO: @wreckxng 

03. Purge All the Things in Your Closet You Have Not Worn in Six Months

This next one is also related to the organization of your closet. I cannot tell you enough how beneficial it is to purge the clothing in your closet that you don’t use. The truth is, if you haven’t worn it in six months, you probably won’t wear it. This excludes out-of-season clothing or special occasion outfits.

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04. Commit to Wearing the First Thing You Put On

This one can be very difficult. However, it is genuinely a game-changer.  Please note, I am not saying the first complete outfit you put on, you have to wear. I totally get that sometimes outfits just do not fit the vibe of the day and you need to change parts of the fit to find the right aesthetic. What I mean is, commit to one piece of the outfit and do not change out of it. This will help you be more selective in your styling.

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05. Note What Works with a Mirror Selfie 

This is great for the really busy mornings. I am talking about the I-slept-through-three-alarms-and-I-need-to-throw-something-on-and-leave-right-now mornings. On those days, I have found that keeping a list of outfits in my phone notes or ever an album of mirror selfies will help you remember what works. 

All of these tips can really be helpful for time management while styling outfits every day. They have really helped me make the most of my morning and stay true to my style overall. When I utilize these tips, I find that my fashion life stays up to date and my outfits are always what I want them to be. I encourage all CF community members to try these out for a stress-free and fashionable morning. 

Featured photo by @ariicavallini.