7 Ways to Channel Your Inner Girlboss

We all know there needs to be a few more girlbosses in the world. We already run things, and having the title is only fair. We already know what we want and what we’re good at, we just need to go get it; there is no set formula, but here are a few of my go-to girlboss tips inspired by Girlboss the Netflix original series about the founder of Nasty Gal.

1—Go vintage. In this case, bell bottoms. This girl boss is always in the mood for a ’70s trend piece. Pairing flare leg bottoms with a knotted top is an easy way to recreate a retro inspired outfit. My roommate was going to throw out these wide-leg angels, but I intervened and gave them new life. And now they are returning the favor. Be cautious though. Vintage pieces can be pricey, but a true girl boss always finds a deal.

2—“Steal” a rug. This 5×7 bohemian rug was a steal from Target for $90.99. It turns out area rugs make for excellent backdrops. Also, if you’re like me you didn’t have a rug in the living room until just now. Warning: they are heavy if you carry them overhead for long periods of time.

3—Take odd jobs. Whatever pays the bills… within reason. Jobs that supply health insurance are preferred, especially if you get a surprise hernia. From babysitting to American Eagle, from dog kennels to country clubs, don’t be afraid of what pays the bills and gets you to your goal. We gotta do what we gotta do.

4—Power naps. And I don’t mean short naps. I’m talking powerful naps for powerful people.The above-mentioned rug makes for an elegant napping blanket if you are ever feeling tired in the park.

5—Carb load.  Carbs are good for you. They should make up 65 percent of your daily food intake (health tip free of charge). Bagels are my go-to carb source, regardless of where I find them. Dumpsters are not off limits, but Starbucks is preferred.

6—Find your passion and make it a lifestyle. A true girlboss knows what she wants and doesn’t stop until she gets it. It may seem like hard work in the beginning, but it’s worth it getting where you want to go. And when you make get there, it won’t even seem like work.

7—Watch Girlboss on Netflix. It will bring these tips to life. This article will make a little more sense after watching, too.

What are your tips on channeling your inner girlboss? Share your best girlboss tips and vintage outfits on social media, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!