5 Indie Fashion Magazines That We Are Majorly Obsessed With

Despite the rise of online media, magazines still hold a special place in the fashion world. There’s nothing that can replace the physical and emotional impact of a perfectly curated editorial spread. And while yes, publications like Vogue and NYLON are widely-appreciated for their voices and positions in the fashion industry, there has been a rise in demand for more independent players in the magazine world.

I have recently broadened my magazine horizons to include some lesser known indie publications that have totally changed the way I approach and look at fashion. Their perspectives are unique, raw, and groundbreaking. These magazines provide fresh content in a world that certainly isn’t lacking in the content department. I feel deeper in love with photography, fashion, and art direction. It challenged how I saw fashion.

Photo by @thatchiclex

Walking into a bookstore or magazine shop can be a bit overwhelming with racks and racks of options. To help narrow it down a bit for you, here are five publications you need to add to your digest!


Dazed is a British style magazine focusing on music, fashion, film, and art.

2—The Gentlewomen

The Gentlewomen celebrates the modern women and portrays an intelligent and fresh perspective.


AnOther magazine covers culture and fashion for both men and women. (Another Man: Harry Styles anyone?)


I.D is a British fashion magazine dedicated to music, art, and youth culture.


Oyster is an Australian beauty, fashion, and pop-culture fashion magazine.