My 5 Essential Carry-On Items for Traveling

Traveling is one of my favorite things—the food, culture, and the adventure of discovering something new always leaves me with a bad case of wanderlust.  Long flights can be a killer, so here are my five carry-on essentials that help me survive any plane ride.

Water Bottle and Snack

A water bottle is a definite essential carry-on item for me. Hydrating during those long flights will help your skin stay hydrated and healthy. Also, I always make sure to bring a snack, whether it’s a granola bar, nuts, or an apple. It is so important to keep a snack in your carry on because you never know when you’ll be hungry, and a person can only eat so many peanuts.


Sometimes it may feel like you are never going to get to your destination, and you keep asking yourself, “Are we there yet?” To help conquer this in-flight boredom, try picking up an interesting book, downloading some movies, or listening to some tunes.

Sweatshirt or Light Jacket

If you are like me, then you understand the struggle of never feeling warm on the plane. This is why I always bring some sort of jacket in my carry-on. Plus, this denim jacket is one of my favorites and it goes flawlessly with any outfit.


I wish I could be one of those girls who could fit all of my stuff into a cute tote, but unfortunately, I will always need a backpack as my carry-on. Backpacks may not be the cutest, but they definitely hold a bunch of stuff.


When your travel you can’t forget the little things like your passport! I absolutely love all the cute covers you can get for passports to make traveling even more fun.

What are your carry-on essentials? Leave a comment below!