The 4 Essentials to Bring On Your Last Summer Trip

The 4 Essentials to Bring On Your Last Summer Trip

As the last weeks of summer are approaching, and the start of the school year is just around the corner, the perfect way to finish off the summer is with one last ‘hoorah’ with all your hometown friends. Nothing seems more fitting than, of course, a beach trip. Here is what you will need.

1—Your favorite bathing suit. Wearing your favorite bathing suit to the beach makes you feel so confident! Half of the fun is being able to show off your new purchase, bask in the sun, and get cute pictures with your friends. My favorite swimsuit at the moment is this one-piece from Aerie, and one-pieces have for sure made a comeback.

2—A Cute beach bag. To make it easier to carry the rest of your beach belongings (sunblock, towel, sunglasses, cover-up), bring along a beach bag as an easy way to make convenience look fashionable. Pairing a beach bag that matches well with your swimsuit is an easy way to bring style to the beach.

3—The perfect summer playlist. One of the best feelings is laying on the beach, enjoying your surroundings, and listening to some good music. Having the perfect playlist just might be one of the most key parts of the trip!

4—Your BFF. What would a vacation be without your best friend by your side? Having one last getaway with the people who are closest to you is one of the best ways to end the summer. As hard as it might be to say goodbye to your hometown friends, as you leave for college, it is reassuring knowing your college friends will be waiting for you when you move in!

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