4 Fashion Podcasts That Are Perfect for Vacation Season

4 Fashion Podcasts That Are Perfect for Vacation Season

Preparing for a 16-hour airplane flight can be incredibly dreadful. When traveling somewhere for vacation, especially if it’s to another country, wifi or data can be limited, so gathering up as much offline-accessible material as possible is essential. I knew I would have a ton of time to kill, and in the midst of picking out a couple books and throwing together some Spotify playlists, it hit me: podcasts! Among the whirlwind of topics to explore, there’s one that truly never fails to excite—fashion.

I’m sure my fellow Fashionistas are already busy consuming quality content related to their field, whether it be through books, documentaries, or videos, so why not add podcasts to the list? If you haven’t delved much into the one-download-away world of brilliant thoughts and talks, here’s a few to start you off on your journey:

1—Oh Boy by Man Repeller. Online sensation Leandra Medine has broken the barriers with her fashion site and empire. Without compromising her quirky taste, she’s also venturing out with a weekly series that features inspiring women who talk about their lives and successful career paths, hosted by Man Repeller’s filmmaker, Jay Buim.

2—Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso. Speaking of girl power, you’ve probably heard the term #Girlboss used everywhere on social media since Sophia Amoruso’s best-selling memoir hit the shelves in 2014. Netflix even launched an original series about it. If you still can’t get enough of the Nasty Gal founder’s intuition for the humorous and the inspiring, this podcast is the one for you.

3American Fashion Podcast. Harper’s Bazaar describes it as one that is best for the “true fashion nerd at heart.” As hosts Charles Beckwith, Seth Friedermann, and Lisa-Maria Radano dive into the latest news of the industry, there’s no doubt about it. This in-depth crash course is just the right cup of tea for anyone striving to work in fashion.

4Office Hours with CollegeFashionista. Last but not least, tune into our very own podcast featuring our founder, Amy Levin! In each episode, she talks with fashion and beauty insiders about the ins and outs of the industry along with helpful advice to help you further your personal career goals. With access to these conversations, you won’t gain this insight anywhere else. Because who doesn’t want to get “schooled in style?”

The opportunities hiding behind that mysterious purple icon are endless. You know what they say—treat your mind like you treat your money. There’s always room for some extra enlightenment, and you can easily take advantage of it whether you’re moving from one place to another or relaxing on the beach. So find yourself a practical yet chic pair of headphones, read through some descriptions to filter out the ones you’re dying to listen to, and download away!

Any fashion-related podcasts I missed that you’ve been raving about lately? Let’s chat in the comments below!