10 Temporary Tattoos That Look Like The Real Thing

Like many, you’ve probably considered getting a tattoo at least once in your life, but reasons like commitment or a lower pain threshold might have terrified you a little. With this in mind tattoo artists and tattoo lovers came up with the perfect alternatives to classic tattoos: realistic temporary tattoos.

Previously, temporary tattoos were only for kids’ birthday parties, but now there are many elevated options to choose from. CF found 10 tattoos that look more realistic than ever, giving you the pleasure of having eye-catching designs without the pain, without the worry, and of course, at a low cost.

Image via Sashatattooing

01. “Perfect Dragon” Tattoo

As a tattoo lover myself, I couldn’t help but start with this elegant classic dragon tattoo. If you’re looking for something iconic, this design from By Sashatattooing is the one for you. $22

Image via Sashatattooing

02. “Two Flowers” Tattoo

Flower lover? I got you! This gorgeous, detailed flower tattoo by Sashatattooing is worth showing off. $25

Image via Etsy

03. Hailey Bieber Style Tattoo Set

I remember the first day when I saw the tattoos on Hailey’s hands, I wanted to get them right away! Whether you’re a fan of hers or not, I can lay my bets on this: You love her tattoo! Here’s a painless and similar option from NotaTattoo that you can get from Etsy on a budget. $22.

Image via Etsy

04. Dragon – Yin Yang – Destiny Chinese Calligraphy Tattoo Set

Nothing beats classic and that is why I am in love with this tattoo set by NotaTattoo. It consists of a dragon, a yin-yang symbol, and the word ‘destiny’ written in Chinese calligraphy. $19.

Image via Inkbox

05. Bebo Tattoo

This cute little bee tattoo from Inkbox has my whole heart. You can wear it on your finger as shown in this photo or perhaps on your wrist, neck, or even your ankle. Getting a statement bee tattoo is just what’s missing from your life right now. $9.

Image via Inkbox

06. Geometric Elements Tattoo

Geometric elements symbolize stability and equilibrium (and they look really good.) If you’re a beginner and unsure about which designs you want to go with, I’d recommend starting with this. It has fine detailing and looks stylish anywhere on the body. Order yours from Inkbox and try it out! $23.

Image via Tattly

07. Butterflies (Detail) Tattoo

I love a great piece of art, and this butterfly tattoo surely hits the mark. It is so beautiful and delicate and will surely look great on you. $6.

Image via Tattly

08. Serpent Tattoo

Does your style reflect power and boldness? If you want to try out mythical tattoo styles then I would suggest this outstanding piece from Tattly. $6.

Image via BUNAMI INK

09. Birth Flowers Full Year Tattoo Set

I am so excited to get matching birth flower tattoos with my besties this year. Get beautiful flower tattoos like peonies, cosmos, primroses, and more to adorn yourself with from this set by BUNAMI INK. $18.

Image via Simply Inked

10. Rose Finger Tattoo

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love a classic finger tattoo and I know you do too! Hop onto the finest finger tattoo trend with this delicate and precious rose tattoo. $4.

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