10 Pieces You Need to Refresh Your On Campus Wardrobe

School is back is session, so let’s dress like it! With every new season comes new fashion, so keep reading to see what pieces you can incorporate into your outfits to turn heads on campus this fall. You probably already have your closet stocked with pieces you’re ready to flaunt this coming season, and that’s perfect! You’ll need those already-loved items to pair with some of these trending styles for a fresh new look.

01. Parachute Pants

My street style lovers, this one’s for you. These loose-fitting nylon pants were huge in the 80’s, and have definitely made their way back into our hearts… and our closets. If you’re a small-top/big-pants kinda person, we suggest styling these with a bandeau top and some chunky dad shoes. Extra points for an added waist chain.

Image via TigerMist

Ryan Parachute Pant

Available in Grey, Black, and Neutral. $45.50.

02. Flight Jackets

Ready for takeoff? These jackets are exactly the stylish, versatile outerwear you’ve been looking for! As the weather gets colder, these get hotter. Flight jackets, also known as bomber jackets, bring a vintage feel to any outfit. If it’s really chilly out, throw on a hoodie underneath and rock that double-layered look. They provide a wider silhouette on top, so we recommend pairing these with tighter fitting bottoms, such as flare leggings or straight-leg jeans.

Classic Bomber Jacket

Available in Black and Light Brown. $102.

03. Basic Tanks

Believe it or not, that old tank top that’s been collecting dust in your closet is hot again! Pull it out and style it with some fun bottoms. Plain tanks are super versatile, so feel free to get creative. These pair well with blue jeans, a colorful mini skirt, or sweat shorts if you’re feeling casual. To add some extra personality to your look, maybe throw on a chunky chain necklace and fun eye-catching earrings.

Image via Dippin’ Daisys

Lume Tank

Available in White Rib, Black Rib, Taupe, Peachy Keen, and Mint. $15.

04. Harnesses

Remember when everyone was absolutely losing their minds over corsets? Consider this the sequel. Expect to see lots of layering in the fall, and harnesses are no exception. These pieces come in many different structures and styles and can bring a totally different vibe to any outfit. We love to layer these on top of otherwise simple pieces, such as a plain white button-down or a plain tee. Feminine jewelry, like a pearl necklace, would be the perfect juxtaposition for a harness.

Image via Free People

Rebel Leather Harness

Available in Sandstorm, Cognac, Aubergine, and Black. $98.

05. Deconstructed Knitwear

A huge staple of fall 2022 fashion is going to be knitwear in general. However, a fun twist we see becoming more and more popular is deconstructed pieces. For example, sweaters with no torso! Fun, right? Style these pieces with a neutral top underneath and some eye-catching bottoms. This would be a great way to strut a monochrome look as well!

Image via Princess Polly

Aytan Bolero Sweater

Available in Beige, Green, Pink, Beige/White, and Green/White. $60.

06. Futuristic Sunglasses

You know them, you love them. These ultra-modern sunnies have been taking the fashion industry by storm, and we’ve seen so many different takes on them. The all-silver sunglasses are definitely giving “Honey, where is my supersuit?” but in a hot way. Add these to literally any casual look to take it up a notch and turn heads this season.

Image via Datte

Crescent Sunglasses

Available in Black/Black, Black/Silver, Black/Yellow, White/Blue. $24.

07. Dickies Style Pants

Wearing work pants outside of work? Sign us up. Dickies pants and other work pants are going to be making many appearances this coming season. They are often worn with the waistband flipped inside out to appear more low-waisted. We suggest wearing these with a top that shows some belly, and adding a blazer if you’re feelin’ it. Since these pants are typically neutral shades like black, tan, or navy, add some colorful shoes or a vibrant bag for a pop of color.

Image via Princess Polly

Archer Pants

Available in Black, White, Pink, Brown, Slate, Green, Taupe, Apple Green, Pinstripe Grey, Dark Brown, Light Grey, Corduroy Pink, Corduroy White, Pinstripe Beige, and Pinstripe Black. $65.

08. Catsuits

With fall weather approaching, catsuits are the perfect way to stay warm (and snatched). These full-length bodysuits are form-fitting and definitely bring a more sexy vibe to your ‘fit. You can pair your catsuit with a floor-length coat, or some sleek accessories like sunglasses for that off-duty model look.

Image via Musesonly

7/8 Length Onesie

Available in Black and Blue. $52.

09. Preppy x Y2K Mini Skirts

Don’t worry, mini skirts are still going strong. But this fall, we can expect to see a twist on them – a Y2K country club vibe. It’s all about pleats and prints. Think: Spencer Hastings if she slayed. A fun way to style these (and stay on theme) would be to pair them with a graphic baby tee, or a plain button-up, half tucked for some spice.

Image via Dolls Kill

Paulina Pleated Skirt

Available in Black. $48.

10. Chunky Platform Boots

Platform shoes are absolutely here to stay. These Steve Madden Cypress boots have been all the rage, and we can certainly expect to see more and more renditions of these. A great way to style boots like this would be with a mini skirt or a mini dress! They would also pair nicely with a matching jacket – in this case, black leather.

Image via Naked Wolfe

Spice Chalk Stretch Boots

Available in Chalk, Black Shine, Black Stretch, Brown Stretch, Denim, Red Patent. $349.95.

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