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Within four months of every Tennessee winter, all I can talk about is sunshine, warm temperatures and spring. Thankfully, the weather in Knoxville this past week was gorgeous and the trees and the flowers have finally started blooming. But because the weather switched from the gloom and doom of winter to the happy sunshine of spring within the span of two days, I’ve been caught in a little bit of a style rut: my clothes only seem suitable for each the middle of summer or the dead of winter. Then I met this Fashionista who taught me that I was doing it all wrong.

Winter and spring are so different from each other within nature, and it goes the same for fashion and style. Not everything you wear in spring is suitable for winter and vice versa. This Fashionista, in her cool printed blouse, basic black leggings and equestrian chic boots, approached the seasonal switch in the smartest way possible: shedding winter’s layers for springs cool and pretty basics. Those black leggings can be worn year round, yet the blouse is perfectly colorful and patterned to provide the look with an unexpected element. Her boots are definitely wearable in the winter, yet they look chic and cool in the sun without seeming out of place. The cream-colored cardigan this Fashionista is holding is perfect when indoors and in class, and easily removable when walking around campus. She rounded out her look with pretty jewelry and cool sunglasses, all glowing in the springtime sunlight.

It’s almost impossible to ignore springtime in East Tennessee. The flowers are bright, the trees are growing their leaves and even though the humidity will make your hair frizz, you can finally store away your winter coat until next November. Embracing the sunshine means shedding layers of cardigans, jackets and sweaters and sticking to basic combinations. Pair basic leggings with a patterned blouse, like this Fashionista did, and then throw on a pair of boots or a cool jacket; pull items from your winter wardrobe, but still make it suitable for spring by keeping them light and basic.

In Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, he writes, “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” Make your spring project a style project by experimenting with your winter wardrobe in spring. One rule: no winter coats allowed!


The temptation and ease of leggings and being comfortable is something way to easy to slip into. As students’ nights grow long, packed full of homework and extracurricular activities, it seems the last thing on their mind is their personal style. Being comfortable and surviving each week’s activities becomes the student’s priority in life. This week’s Fashionista shows that it is possible to stay comfortable while not hurting your personal style.

Our Fashionista chooses to sport a simple black pair of leggings in her outfit: a necessity to any Fashionista that aims to create an effortless and lounging outfit. Also, leggings are great for adding extra layers if the weather is colder. Then, she adds a pair of lovely lace sneakers to the leggings to keep her outfit from looking like she just walked out of the gym. Lastly, this Fashionista brings in an adorable ombré tank top to fashionably complete her outfit. The cotton black leggings in her look still allow her to be cozy, while the denim ombré top adds some style to her outfit.

Denim ombré  is the perfect trend to incorporate into a simple outfit. An ombré denim top can be added to a variety of different types of looks. For example, it could be placed on top of a white dress or worn with black shorts and a pair of tights for an edgier look. Ombré is a trend that has been taking over the fashion world, especially this last year. It can be seen on shirts, pants and even hair. Also, another wonderful aspect about an ombré is that just as easy as they are to pair with an outfit, they are even easier to create yourself.

Ombré tops, like our Fashionista’s, are the perfect DIY on a Saturday afternoon. Creating your own top is an added bonus because it can not only save you money but also it allows you to create your very own personal and unique top.


For as long as we know it, ballerinas have been prancing around stage in tutus since the first ever ballet. As a little girl I remember putting on a leotard, ballet flats and a tiny pink tutu for dance class each week. As we get older, some parts of our wardrobe become outdated and sadly forgotten. But of course, there are certain trends that we find make a shocking appearance each season, and after a few wears, it’s baffling to recall that the new staple in our wardrobe was at one point merely nonexistent.

Those tiny pink tutus I mentioned previously are composed of a material that we generally don’t come across on a regular basis. Tulle is a fabric that is sheer, lightweight and totally versatile. This season ballerinas won’t be the only ones walking around in a skirt entirely made of tulle. If you take a look at this Fashionista, you can see that anyone is able to wear this type of skirt, and there are so many different ways to do so. Taking a look at her outfit, we see that she chose to wear a solid pair of black leggings underneath a cream tulle skirt. Although she is wearing a sweater similar in color, the tulle gives the look an exciting accent, and does a great job standing out.

As I’m sure you can tell on all major shoe sites, sneakers are in this season! The pair this Fashionista chose to wear go great with her outfit, and most notably, the tiny gold stars on the side match the coloring of the tulle as well as the fun headphones around her neck!

There are so many other ways people can wear tulle around town. While still in this transition season, try a tulle skirt with a sweater or light jacket. Tulle comes in so many different colors, so experiment with all different shades! Those times you feel a brisk wind in the air, try out a graphic T-shirt and denim jacket. As summer approaches, a fun idea is to try a cropped top with a longer length skirt and matching sandals. There are so many different ways to wear tulle this season, so make sure to dress it up or dress it down, and find your perfect style to play around.


This Fashionista was wearing a style that always gets my attention that includes her oversized denim jacket to her bright red leggings and black quilted boots. This was an outfit that although casual, still displayed a style that can be worn and put together easily. It was an outfit that can be worn any day and is great combination of denim and brights for spring. I also liked the black quilted design on the boots and the bright colored backpack that finished the outfit nicely in a fun way.

With this type of outfit it can be worn in different ways. For example if you wanted to do what this Fashionista did, you can pair the oversized denim over denim pants or bright leggings.There is also the option of playing around with different colored denim; because there are color denim jackets beside dark or bright blue. You can opt for a fun multicolored oversized denim jacket in floral print (in tune with the spring season)l, red, white, etc. Whatever color you find interesting, try to go outside the dark blue denim colored box.

The oversized denim jacket gives this Fashionista’s outfit a casual and in my opinion, a throwback to the ’80s a bit. The bright leggings make the outfit pop out and the black quilted boots bring a different look than the normal solid colored boot. And like I have mentioned before, going for a bright or fun accessory (like a fun printed backpack, purse, etc.) finishes off the outfit nicely.


WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Getaway

This Fashionista is headed to a fun city weekend getaway…and she is stylishly prepared, of course! Looking absolutely awesome in her chic gray sweater, this Fashionista knows how to work the cobblestone sidewalks of Boston. Her beanie adds a fun and confident tone to the overall ensemble. She smartly picked a pair of black leggings for her bottoms. Leggings are always a great, carefree option to pack for a weekend trip, as they are versatile and work well with many trendy tops and shoes.

As far as her footwear is concerned, L.L.Bean boots were a savvy choice. This Fashionista knows she will be walking around a lot in the city, but dressed her boots up with the rest of her clothing pieces. Notice how she also worked in her Ray-Ban sunglasses into the look. In addition, deep red lipstick from MAC makes her lips pop against the cobblestone backdrop. Accessorizing does not always have to mean adding physical accessories, Fashionistas! Don’t ever underestimate a great tube of lipstick. A pair of luscious lips works wonders and really makes a difference in pictures.

When spicing up your wardrobe for spring, make sure to think vibrant and chic. Out with dreary colors, hello springtime palette! Anthropologie carries a stylish collection of lightweight sweaters and cardigans just in time to ring in the springtime mood. This Fashionista’s specific style has a distressed flair, which is a great pick for the season. It would also look great paired with ripped skinny jeans and leather sandals once the weather gets warmer.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista can switch out her boots for a pair of Tory Burch flats, and her leggings for colored skinnies, and she will be all set for shopping.

WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping

Nothing is worse then when you get to a store, pick out ten different things to try on and immediately regret the annoying outfit you decided to wear there. Shopping can sometimes already be frustrating trying to find the right style and fit of clothes, so being able to throw on and off the ones you’re already wearing shouldn’t have to add to your frustration.

The Fashionista featured does a great job of showing us there are in fact cute yet easy outfits that you can wear shopping. I think the key to her entire look is her black crochet Toms. The slip on, slip off factor to them is so appealing and simple it makes zippered boots and lace up sneakers seem unnecessarily difficult. The one tone color and playful crochet pattern also makes them very versatile. The next element to her easy going demeanor is her Nordstrom leggings which sort of speak for themselves, considering they’re leggings and leggings are an always easier on and off than jeans. Her flowy Urban Outfitters tank, paired with an Urban Outfitters jean button-down is stylish, and even though this is two layers instead of one, they are simple pieces that don’t require buttoning, zipping, untying, etc. To top off her look she kept her accessories to a minimum because the last thing you need is a big pendant necklace or chunky knit scarf to keep removing and putting back on again. Her Michael Kors silver watch is timeless and very stable and it won’t get moved when trying on items. Her Alex and Ani bracelets are a dangly, moving accessory, however, with the watch there to stop them, they won’t be going anywhere no matter the strength of the new shirt trying to pull them off.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, simplicity is never a bad thing and sometimes it’s what our outfits truly need. With that being said, in a what to wear predicament as this, simplicity is the key. Intricate accessories, complicated shoes and detailed clothes are all great for other occasions, but when it comes to shopping these are definitely factors to avoid. So Fashionistas/os the first step to being shopping ready is following these few guidelines and finding that easy on/off shoe like this Fashionista did.

One Simple Change: By swapping out the Nordstrom leggings for a pair of blue jeans you’ll have on a great brunch ensemble!

WHAT TO WEAR: Study Group

Finals are approaching quickly, meaning it’s time to finally utilize that thing called a “library” on campus. Most of us, myself included, have been reaching out to our classmates in the hopes of organizing a study group. For those of you who succeeded and found your new best friends for the next three weeks, here are some tips on how to stay fabulous while hitting the books.

The time frame on study groups are normally open-ended, meaning you may be there a while. You want to wear something that is comfortable to sit in so you can focus all of your attention into your work. Leggings or yoga pants are always a good choice if comfort is a priority. Try staying away from the traditional sweatshirt and glam up your top half a little bit more. An oversized denim shirt and tank top is a simple, easy way to stay cute without worrying about dressing up. It’s officially time to store the boots away until next fall, so pair this look with some cute Converse sneakers. This Fashionista rocks white high-tops which are classic, but if you want to be bold, try patterns!

With this look you can never go wrong. It’s easy and classic, so try not to over accessorize. This Fashionista keeps it simple with a cute wristwatch, which is always a great idea to grab before heading to the library. That way you won’t be distracted by constantly looking at your phone! Finish the look off with some stylish shades and natural hair and you are ready to study all day long!

One Simple Change: Instead of leggings, try a patterned maxi skirt and wedges to wear on a weekend getaway after you ace your finals. Hello summer!

WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

f you were to ask any student what one of the most stressful times of the semester was, almost everyone would respond with the same answer: midterms. Midterms, in college, consist of a few dreadful weeks in the middle of the semester when all of your teachers decide that it’s a good idea to see how much you’ve learned thus far. As if that weren’t bad enough though, most students end up having to take all of their midterms within a few days.

That being said: everyone’s stressed, the library is packed and dressing up is no one’s top priority. While that may be the case though, this Fashionista still managed to remain put-together and look good, regardless of the amount of stress she may have been under at that given time.

This Fashionista was spotted heading to the library in a gray Brandy Melville drawstring sweater, a pair of black leggings and high-top black Converse. During midterms, no one has time to leisurely pick out their outfits, and I can honestly say that half of the time I just pick up the first items of clothing that I see. This Fashionista, on the other hand, remained casual and comfortable, while still rocking the trendy brands that we all know and love.

Her Brandy Melville sweater helped her maintain her neutral colored outfit, while incorporating style into it. The white drawstrings also added detail, allowing the sweater to catch people’s eyes. Her leggings were the perfect choice for bottoms, because while they are casual and comfortable to wear around all day, they go with almost everything and are great for multiple occasions.

While her entire outfit was great though, the thing that tied it all together was the black high-top Converse. Converse shoes are a necessity in every girl’s closet; they come in many different colors and vary from high-tops to low-tops and they can be worn with almost anything.

Altogether, this Fashionista rocked her casual midterm outfit and I hope she rocks her midterms as well!

One Simple Change: While this outfit is great for midterms, it is too casual for a dinner with friends. By simply switching out the leggings for a pair of dark wash skinny jeans you can remain comfortable, while looking a little less casual.


“For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out, at the old ball game.” It’s that time of the year Fashionistas, where flowers bloom, coats are put away and the guys gear up in baseball uniforms. Maybe it’s the popcorn, dirty water dogs or the way baseball pants complement the players, nothing says springtime better than baseball season.

This past week was opening day in New York, and it’s a big year for the Yankees since Derek Jeter retires after this season. I spotted this Fashionista supporting her favorite team in style. Whether you’re heading to the bleachers to cheer on your team, or watching some eye candy, take notes from this Fashionista for some game day spirit.

Baseball caps are everywhere right now and this Fashionista works the trend with grace. These sporty accessories make great fashion statements and can transform any outfit. I love baseball caps because they’re so effortless, and they keep you looking cute throughout any bad hair day.

This Fashionista made her hat more feminine by wearing an embroidered tee. She completes her outfit by throwing on a simple jacket to make her look more relaxed. Nothing says effortless more than Converse and a baseball cap. My favorite piece of this look is her monogrammed Longchamp bag. A Lonchamp bag is perfect for sporting events because it’s big enough to carry all your essentials.

Spring has finally sprung, well, almost. Baseball season is in full swing, check out your school’s team or go to a MLB Game. So show your spirit and sport a baseball cap like this Fashionista! But remember “root, root, root for the home team.”

One Simple Change: Swap the jacket for an oversized flannel. You can either wear it regularly or tie it around you waist for a ’90s style. You’ll have a very preppy grunge look that’s perfect for any casual activity.

WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

As strange as it may sound, the topic of travel wear can be a bit of a controversial one. I, for one, am always incredibly observant of what fellow travelers are wearing, whether I’m traversing via plane, train or even bus. If I notice someone wearing a getup that he or she so obviously bought from the sleepwear section of a store, I question why a bit more effort wasn’t put into the outfit. At the same time, if a traveler is decked out in a fancy dress and five-inch heels—especially for a long flight/ride—it appears as if there has been too much time invested into a look that was essentially worn for little more than sitting for a few hours.

Mastering the perfect outfit for travel is all about finding just the right balance. That’s why whenever I spotted this Fashionista, I knew that her cozy/sporty/all-around-adorable look was ideal for a journey off to any destination.

She paired gray leggings with a matching gray hoodie and a pair of black TOMS shoes. She then layered an army green jacket over all of this and added a tan cross-body bag for the final touch. Thankfully for Fashionistas that also love to be comfortable, wearing your comfy bottoms with a sweatshirt that matches exactly is currently chicer than ever (thank you, Chanel!). Her core look was fuss-free and functional for a trip without feeling too casual. I also loved the fact that she understood the importance of layering. For traveling, the temperature on your mode of transportation is entirely unpredictable, and it’s never a bad idea to have a jacket in case it gets a little chilly.

So if you already have a trip booked for the near future, get excited about going there and fret a little less about what to wear en route to your destination by following in this Fashionista’s footsteps.

One Simple Change: This look also makes for extremely cute weekend wear. By switching the TOMS shoes to a pair of simple black ballet flats, you can give the outfit a completely different feel while still being cozy for a weekend of relaxation.