STYLE GURU BIO: Miranda Logan

Hello lovely people! My name is Miranda and I am a Marketing and Public Relations major who always seems to be juggling a thousand things at once. While I am currently in Baltimore, I plan on living in every city I can and experiencing the unique fashion and culture that exists in every one. After I conquer the concrete jungles of the United States, I hope to go oversees and explore some more.

I chose this look because it gives off an edgier style, while still remaining very comfortable. I strongly believe that a simple pair of black leggings can be essential to any outfit. Whether they are paired with a chunky sweater, or in my case an oversized button-up, you cannot go wrong with black leggings. The black Timberland boots also throw a different twist onto what is normally a work boot look. I love to take certain elements of style and integrate them into a different fashion statement.

I have trouble defining my exact style, because I like to incorporate several into my daily looks. One day I may be wearing a leather jacket and combat boots and the next I could be wearing a floral dress with tan wedges. Being able to have fun with my fashion and not define myself into one style category is how I live every aspect of my life. I can be reserved or the loudest person in the room. I can be adventurous or more laid back. I can be serious or I can be a complete weirdo. My personality can vary every day and so does my style, but isn’t that what makes life exciting?

I am extremely eager to be a Style Guru for Collegefashionista and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me.  I believe that fashion is a way for the individual to express themselves without explanation. This unspoken communication through style is a universal language that every person is able to relate to. With that in mind, I hope you like what I have to say!