STYLE GURU STYLE: Bianca Portillo

Hola chicas y chicos! Welcome back to a new year of CollegeFashionista. I’m Bianca Portillo and this will be my third semester as a Style Guru. I currently attend Penn State and I am studying broadcast journalism with a minor in digital media. My obsession with fashion has remained in my blood since I was a little girl. It all started when I played with Bratz as a kid and always loved their outfits. Then when I turned 15, my parents took me to Paris for my birthday. I was exposed to sophisticated, elegant and fierce women who knew how to present themselves fashionably without showing too much or wearing what everyone else was wearing. Since then, I was open to wearing all kinds of fabrics,patterns,and accessories.

My love for fashion is equivalent to my love for writing. One day I hope to work my way into the offices of Vogue , Harper’s Bazaar or NYLON to write about the latest trends and interview fashion designers about their next projects.

Here, I decided to keep it calm and plain. I am wearing a cropped sweater because I love cropped sweater shirts. Along with the cropped shirt I am wearing the famous American Apparel high-waisted leggings to complement the plain sweater shirt. Wearing two plain articles can make you look so classy! Since I am wearing a plain outfit, I decided to match a small pair of studded earrings and a little heart gold necklace to give it a sweet touch to my attire.

Thanks for reading and I hope that everyone has a RAD 2016!