Your Guide To Pulling Off The Perfect Model Off-Duty Look

Fashion week has been in full swing around the world and folks from all spectrums of the industry are out sporting their most chic outfits. The streets are filled with the latest trends and street-style photographers can be seen capturing the very photos we use as inspiration for our next look. What catches the eyes of most photographers, however, are not only the famous bloggers and editors, but also the models who rule the runways and have essentially inspired/created the fashion phenomenon that is the “model off-duty” look.

Models look amazing walking down the catwalk, so it makes sense that their outfits on the sidewalk are just as effortless. With all the makeup changes and running to and fro between shows, these genetically blessed beings have to make sure that what they wear is versatile, comfortable and stylish.

Here are a few model-off-duty looks you can try that are totally fool-proof and easy to put together. These Fashionistas have got it down a T so you can take some inspiration to rock on your own runway on campus!

1-Liquid leggings can make any outfit look ten times more chic. Plus…they’re leggings so it’s a win-win! (Photo via @carolinestfrancis)


2-A thin coat or anorak will look perfect over a simple striped T-shirt. This look definitely gives off the Parisian model vibes. (Photo via @rose.deer)


3-Models often change faces (literally) as they go in and out of different make up looks. Sport a nice pair of sunglasses with an accessory like this velvet choker to look good for the cameras. (Photo via @melissaepifano)


4-The quintessential model-off-duty item has to be the leather jacket. Wear this outwear over practically any outfit and you’ll be looking trendy in no time. (Photo via @kieraxmakayla)


5-Sometimes there’s just no time to layer up when you’re changing outfits multiple times a day. Wear a flattering and comfy 3/4-sleeve dress and cinch a belt at your waist to show off your figure. (Photo via @gretchen_reese)


6-A little see-through never hurt nobody. Wear your prettiest lace bralette under a sheer top for a model worthy look. (Photo via @h_nos)