How a Yoga Mat Introduced Me to Daily Exercise

August 3rd, 2017 at 2:00am

As everyone knows, there are so many benefits that come from daily exercise like improved health, improved athletic performance, and maintaining a balanced metabolism. Adopting a healthy lifestyle just improves your life satisfaction overall. However, as a person who used to struggle getting up on time for work and napped like there was no tomorrow, you could see where I’d find some difficulty putting in a daily workout. So, what do you do when you would rather not wake up early for a morning run or workout or sacrifice your nights of fun? Well, the answer is easy—you find some time in between.

I’ve never consistently worked out because I always had trouble finding something I really enjoyed doing. Running didn’t feel so satisfying and going to the gym only seemed to increase my anxiety levels. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a beautiful yoga mat that I decided I should try yoga. I thought to myself that at best I’d be relaxed and take up yoga every once in a while, and if not, I still had a pretty cool yoga mat I can use on picnics or by the pool. Really, I had nothing to lose.

After my first yoga class at my university’s recreation center, I was hooked. I had never felt so relaxed or at peace—even if I was struggling with some yoga poses. After the class concluded, I knew that I had found the one thing that I could do on a daily basis and not lose interest. Every day since, I’ve made sure to fit at least 30 minutes of yoga in between classes, work, and my naps, of course. Yet, after a while, I found myself so energized and relaxed throughout the day that naps weren’t needed.

The great thing about yoga, and pretty much any other form of exercise, is the ability to increase the intensity at any given time. It’s always good to feel challenged and motivated to go further than your last session, or just relax and take it easy after days of intense workouts. Still, I have to say that the best thing about exercising is all the cute activewear you get to do it in. Activewear has become so fashionable, trendy, and a must-have for your wardrobe. Who doesn’t love a cute pair of workout shorts and shoes?

Activewear has a way of motivating you to work out. You’re basically working up a sweat and looking good while doing it. Nike has been putting out comfortable and fashionable sneakers and trainers. Forever 21’s active wear section is on the rise and the patterns on their active bottoms don’t fall short from trendy. Although sweatshirts are comfortable, active tanks are, in my opinion, the best. Lucky for me, Nike seems to have an unlimited supply of them. As you can see from my look, I’m a shorts and tank kind of gal.

Whether you like going on runs or going hard at the gym, it’s important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Once you find something you enjoy doing, it suddenly doesn’t feel much like exercising. It’s important to have a positive outlook so you can not only reap the physical benefits but the mental health benefits, too. Keep a level head and look great while doing it.

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