Yes, Everything Will Fit in a Carry-On

Yes, Everything Will Fit in a Carry-On

The word “carry-on” in the traveling world is no longer defined as an addition to your checked luggage. Instead, I propose that this domestic or international carry-on can be your only traveling partner, if packed correctly. I have four life-changing tips to successfully pack a seven-day trip in a trusty carry-on.

 1—Plan your outfits ahead of time. I find it very effective to have your days planned out Even a simple idea in mind of what you want to do helps so that the outfits you are brainstorming correlate alongside your trip’s activities. Not only does this help branch out on fashion creativity, but it also forces you to take the initiative on organizing your new travel buddy. Not to mention it also saves time on your trip. Condensing down to three bottoms and three tops to interchangeably use will lighten the load and allow room for accessories to be packed to spice up those outfits. This step is crucial because this fashion foundation sets the tone for the guts of the luggage.

2—Shoe game. I pack in the rule of thirds. This term has helped us in photography, and now in packing your shoes for the trip. Packing one causal, one going out (flats or a heel), and last, a shoe that is fashion-forward chic such as, a mule or a loafer. I found this way is easier to manage, allowing two shoes in the luggage and the other is worn. This way allows for fashion to be available while condensed. A win, win.

3—Skin regime. Traveling can add a lot of unwanted irritation to the skin. The dry airplane air, the stress, and different environmental climates can cause this. This is why packing your daily skin routine is worth making the extra room for your cosmetic bag. Moisturizer is key, as well as a cleanser. This two-step process can do the job for the travel time. On a side note, always pack under 3.4 fluid ounces and take an extra Ziploc bag in case TSA requires it.
 4—Electronic must-haves. Storing your electronics can take up more room than necessary. Finding a designated bag that can hold all these wires in one place will save every inch needed. A smart alternative option if you have a camera that is slightly large is to place it in the section of your luggage opposite your liquids, or to place it near clothes for cushion.

 Think of your carry-on as a puzzle. Completing that puzzle requires finding all pieces that match, think of these four steps as such.

Let me know how this four-step process helped ease your travel experience in the comments below! Organization in your travel buddy makes for a picture-worthy opportunity before your flight. Tag @CFashionista so the Instagram world can see what a pro packer you are!