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Why It's Important To Channel Your Creativity Outside of the Classroom

January 20th, 2017 at 2:00am

Without routine, especially while at college, life can quickly become a mess. However, routines become monotonous and by the end of the semester, it is often difficult to stay motivated. This semester, cure the mundane predictability of a routine-based lifestyle by channeling your creativity outside of the classroom.

✏️ When in doubt, write it out! Get those creative juices flowing in your brain and jot down a list of things to do when you need a boost of motivation or doodle designs to take a break from the stress of schoolwork.  📷 via @jordanflyley

👠 Your boots were made for walking. Take a stroll around campus! Whether you are solo or with your gaggle of friends, feeling the fresh air and nature around you will surely spark creativity within. 📷 via @samanthaneira

🎧 With open ears comes an open mind! Plugging in some earbuds and listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts– specifically the Office Hours with CollegeFashionista podcast–is one #RAD way to get some major creativity inspiration! 📷 via @mandisashields

💻 Get connected. One of the best ways to channel your creativity outside of the classroom is by going online and connecting with the CollegeFashionista Style Gurus! Social media platforms such as Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram have loads of photos, quotes, and people that will inspire you to go out and get crafty! 📷 via @oteris

🎨 Let others inspire you! By visiting a local museum, you will be surrounded by a visual blend of history and information. Use the creations of artists and designers of the past to help muster up the creativity you have within! 📷 via @sarahmaybe_