30 Perfect White Elephant Gift Ideas for Every Budget and Personality

It’s that time of year! Every family and friend group are making plans to swap gifts, and the pressure to bring the best present is real. Not only that, it’s hard to budget in a present with all of your other holiday expenses. Luckily, there’s a little thing called online shopping that can help you narrow down price point, personality, and more. We’ve curated thirty white elephant gift ideas that will work for all the parties on your calendar this season!

White Elephant Gift Ideas $10 and Under

  • Baggu Bag ($10): These foldable and reusable bags are perfect for the eco-friendly fashionista.
  • Phone Stand ($9): Everyone with a phone or tablet will want this!
  • Scalp Shampoo Brush ($8): This Amazon product helps clean and massage your scalp. Pair this with a fun bath product for a cute gift.
  • Cable Bite ($6): Urban Outfitters offers great small white elephant gift ideas, like this charger reinforcer.
  • Beauty Sample Box ($7): Target released a skin and body box with six sample products, and it comes perfectly packaged for gifting.
  • 8-in-1 Kitchen Tool ($6): The Bin 8 has a funnel, lemon juicer, spice grater, egg masher, cheese grater, cap opener, egg separator, and measuring cup.
  • Vintage Makeup Case ($10): We’re throwing it way back to our arts and crafts days. While this adorable case may not be filled with gel pens and stickers, it’ll hold your skincare and makeup collection. We’re not complaining!
  • Graphic Mug ($9): There’s only one thing better than your morning latte. Drinking your morning latte in a mug with sloths on it.

White Elephant Gift Ideas $20 and Under

  • Himalayan Mood Lamp ($13): It’s not a normal lamp, it’s a cool lamp. It changes colors to help set the mood no matter if it’s a holiday party or an at-home spa night.
  • Basic Witches Book ($13): Everyone at the party will be fighting over this book. It’s deemed by Amazon as a magical lifestyle guide.
  • Fidget Cube ($14): You may have seen some classmates fiddling with one of these during a long lecture. It’s covered in buttons and switches that help people focus.
  • Mini Walkie Talkies ($15): One for you and one for your little brother to bring you snacks.
  • Jade Roller ($20): This mini skin tool is great for depuffing, improving your skin’s elasticity, and applying skincare products like oils and serums.
  • Josie Maran Gift Set ($19): A perfect gift for your friends who are obsessed with clean beauty.
  • Tarot Deck ($18): How beautiful are these cards? Anthropologie says it can help heighten awareness and lead to enlightenment. Perfect for the new year.
  • Waffle Maker ($14): Friends will become enemies as your college friends fight over this adorable and functional appliance.
  • Cookie Mix Skillet ($15): This fits perfectly into the trendy baking thing right now. It’s kind of like that s’mores dip a couple of years ago. Definitely a must-try.
  • Scratch Map ($17): A white elephant gift idea that’s decorative, useful, and motivating.
  • Seed Kit ($14): I love this idea for people in warmer climates who can put the kit to use ASAP.
  • Bunny Calendar ($14): Everyone just really needs this, okay?
  • Becoming by Michelle Obama ($20): We’re all about giving the gift of inspiration this season.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser ($19): Last year, I bought this diffuser for myself, my dad, my sister, and my best friend. So, yeah—a highly recommended choice.

White Elephant Gift Ideas $30 and Under  

  • Jupiter Candle  ($24): Urban Outfitters is sometimes pricey with candles, but I love this speckled jar design. This is the ones of the best white elephant gift ideas for upscale swap.
  • Back Pocket Water Bottle ($28): I know this is ridiculous, and yet…don’t you want it?
  • 5-Port Car Charger ($23): This charger will save you from at least five fights in the car, guaranteed.
  • Christmas Cookie Cutter Set ($25): This is probably one of the most festive white elephant gift ideas on the list!  
  • House Plants ($25): Indoor plants are a great swap option if the group is diverse in age and interests.
  • Animal Bluetooth Speaker ($25): Your friends won’t be able to stop playing their favorite tunes when they have a speaker this cute. Be careful, their roomie might try to nab it.
  • Laptop Backpack ($27): Whether your friends are in school or working, this backpack is perfect. They can fit everything from their laptop and phone charger to their lunch box and happy hour outfit change.
  • Mini Desk Sandbox ($26): Fidget cubes are great for class, but a mini sandbox is perfect for a dorm desk when you need a break from studying. No beach trip required. 

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Opening Image by Emily Parodi