10 Affordable Luxury Gifts For Your Fancy Friends

December 22nd, 2022 at 11:00am

The holidays are right around the corner! Looking for a last minute gift, CF has you covered. Just because it’s the season of giving, doesn’t mean it has to be the season of major spending. 

If you’re looking to treat the people in your life to some luxury gifts this year, but don’t want to go over your spending budget, look no further. CF compiled a list of affordable luxury items that all of your fancy friends will love.

1. Dior Lip Oil

Thanks to this product’s virality on TikTok, the Dior Lip Oil was number one on everyone’s wishlist this year and last year. Not only does this product look great on everyone, but the elevated packaging and the oil’s smooth formula makes this product feel super luxurious. Any beauty lover will appreciate this staple as a gift this holiday season. 

Image via Sephora

Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil

Available in Mahogany, Pink, Raspberry, Rosewood, Cherry, Coral, Berry, and Universal. $38.

2. Hermès Sketchbook

If you want to gift an artist in your life something luxurious, this sketchbook is a super affordable option. The size of this sketchbook makes it easy to jot down ideas quickly and will be well appreciated the next time inspiration strikes. Plus, not only does this piece fulfill any materialistic expectations that come with gift gifting, but it also shows that you truly appreciate their interests.

Image via Hermès

Hermès La Vie a l’Air Libre Sketchbook

Available in Neutre. $15. 

3. Chanel Soap Bar

If you’re unsure what to gift someone this holiday season, bath products are a great staple that everyone appreciates. This floral-scented soap bar makes for the perfect self-care gift. Plus, what says “extra” more than luxury brand bath products?

Image via Chanel

N°5 The Bath Soap

Available in 5.3 OZ. $30.

4. Gucci Nail Polish

Any of the nail polishes from Gucci’s Vernis à Ongles capsule nail polish collection would make for a great gift this holiday season. The collection includes ten plant-based polishes that can be described as vibrant, glamorous, and ultra-shiny.

Image via Gucci

Vernis à Ongles Nail Polish

Available in Goldie Red, Winterset Snow, Peggy Sunburn, Ellen Blush, Melinda Green, Miriam Mint, Dorothy Turquoise, Marcia Cobalt, Crystal Black, and Annabel Rose. $32.

5. YSL Lipstick

Although the Rogue Volupte Shine Lipstick Balm is from a luxury brand, its price is comparable to the price of most lipsticks. Not only is this oil-infused lippie a hydrating, high-shine option, but it is also customizable. Each lipstick comes with the option to engrave a message or a monogram, making this gift both lavish and personal.

Image via YSL

Rogue Volupte Shine Lipstick Balm

Available in 38 shades. $39.

6. Versace Dish

Versace’s Baroque Plates are elegant, practical and made to last. This multi-functional plate can be gifted to almost anyone, as its use can vary from fine dining to decor to a bedside ring dish. Featuring Versace’s iconic golden Medusa head, this product screams “luxury.”

Image via Versace

I ♡ Baroque Plate 10 CM

Available in 10 CM. $60. 

7. Prada Perfume

Prada’s Candy Perfume Travel Spray is a great option for the girl who’s always on the go. The sleek packaging of this product is conveniently purse-friendly and allows the user to test a new scent without the commitment of a full bottle.

Image via Sephora

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum Travel Spray

Available in 0.34 OZ. $30.

8. Louis Vuitton City Guide

A city guide from Louis Vuitton is a great gift for someone who loves to travel or has a big trip coming up. With contributions from journalists, artists, and major figures, Louis Vuitton says the books are made to bring to life “the world’s most fascinating cities for business and leisure travelers alike.” The books act as exploration guides and provide insight into the cities’ best attractions, from eateries to monuments to hidden gems. In addition, each purchase comes with a mobile version of the guide. 

Image via Louis Vuitton

The City Guide Series

Available for 32 cities. $37.

9. Louis Vuitton Postcards Box

A Louis Vuitton ocean liners labels postcard box is also a great option for those who appreciate travel. The box is a touching gift for those who are passionate about travel, as it is meant to “pay tribute to the bygone tradition of sticking labels on the trunks and smaller luggage pieces of great travelers.” The box includes 30 vintage-inspired ocean liner labels that can be used as either postcards or stickers. Plus, the packaging can double as a memory box once all of the labels have been used. 

Image via Louis Vuitton

Ocean Liners Labels Postcards Box

Available in one size. $62.

10. YSL Lighter

Lastly, we have the item that costs the least on our list, YSL’s “Appele Moi” Lighter. Although this gift would be best appreciated by smokers or candle lovers, the functionality and aesthetic of the lighter makes it an acceptable gift for most. The lighter features the French translation of “call me” on one side and the YSL logo on the other, meaning your fancy friends will be able to subtly show off each time they use it. 

Image via YSL

“Appele Moi” Lighter

Available in Black. $8.

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