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What's Your Vision for the Future of America?

January 30th, 2017 at 2:00am

America, we are less than two weeks into the Trump presidency. Some are fearful, angry, and in disbelief; others feel relieved, joyous, and even have a newly-restored sense of patriotism. Whether this new chapter has you looking forward to America being “great again,” or wondering when America was ever not great, here’s how to deal with your feelings about the election.

1. Make sure your opinion is an educated one.

What’s important to you? What social issues do you stand for? How would you like the tax money taken out of your summer paychecks to be spent? Reliable sites like ontheissues.org can help you determine whether or not you like what our government officials are up to.Photo via @xblackandburgundyx

2. Choose a stance.
Once you’ve done your research, decide where you stand on today’s most talked about issues. Remember: It’s okay if your opinion is different from your parents, friends, or the popular opinion on your social media feeds.Photo via @womensmarch

3. Meet and talk with like-minded people.
We all know the therapeutic effects of this one already (why hello there, every sleepover after 2 a.m.), but seriously! There’s nothing better than knowing that you share the same concerns, fears, and hopes for the future as others. Nowadays, joining a conversation is as easy as searching a keyword.

4. Realize that others’ opinions exist, too!
Talk to people with different opinions than yours! Keywords: Talk to them, not at them. It’s important to listen with intentions to understand, rather than only listening to respond. Conversations of opposition don’t always have to end in an angry rant. When others feel that you are willing to hear them out and understand their concerns, they’ll be more willing to listen to yours. Also, no more disdainful phrases like “I hope you all are happy” or “get over it, he’s your president!” At the end of the day, we should be hoping for a progressive, united four years, not focusing on proving each other wrong.

5. Take action!
Don’t underestimate the influence of regular citizens like us! If you’ve witnessed any recent protests, you’ve seen the impact we create when we all stand united for what’s important to us. Pay attention to social media and your local news to keep up with nearby marches, protests, and even town meetings. This article includes a list of organizations you could get involved in if you don’t know where to start!Photo via @womensmarch

6. Rid yourself of negativity and pessimism about the future.
I get it—it’s going to be quite an adjustment getting used to a new president. But while the person sitting in the White House may changed, there are some very important things that are still the same. We still have power over our own lives. We will still achieve our goals and will still make our dreams come true. The next four years might be tough, but so are we!

Even if protesting is not in your spirit, feel free to leave your concerns on this site created by our former president. They are still working for us!