WHAT TO WEAR: Yeezy Season

January 31st, 2017 at 2:00am

Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy. The rapper that has taken the world by storm in many ways throughout the decade. From dropping multiple number one albums to stopping his concerts midway through to getting checked into the hospital, Kayne West has been a very influential icon. Many people say his large ego has gotten the best of him and it’s negatively affecting his career. However, there is still one huge factor that has kept Kanye very successful: his clothing line. Kanye’s Yeezy Season has had four successful collections to date. It is crazy to think that a clothing line based on ripped sweatshirts and baggy joggers has brought an enormous amount of money to the Kanye empire.

In all of Kanye’s clothing collections, he has used a neutral color palette to create his military inspired looks. Kanye truly follows the fashion code of “less is more” in his Yeezy seasons. Motivated by West, this Fashionisto went with a more minimalistic, affordable style while still sporting neutral fall tones.

To recreate a look inspired by Kanye’s fashion line, this Fashionisto wore black, baggy Adidas joggers. Staying with the Adidas trend, he threw on a black and gray hoodie. Unfortunately, this college kid was unable to afford Yeezys so he decided to rock Nike Roshe Runs instead. Lastly, he threw on an Oakley baseball cap to bring the whole athleisure look together.

Kanye has brought both negative and positive attributes to the entertainment industry, but there is no doubt that Kanye West’s clothing line has inspired Fashionistas/os across the country. Yeezy Season has created waves on waves of iconic looks that have shaped many young people’s styles today.