Whether you prefer to hit the weight room or take a Pilates class, a sweat session should be a part of your daily routine. One way I get excited about my workouts is by mixing up my fitness classes. I like to take a combination of spinning, barre and yoga classes so I never get bored of doing the same thing every week. The other way I amp up my enthusiasm for a workout is shopping for eye-catching workout gear. I enjoy wearing brightly colored half-zip pullovers, sleek black leggings and tops with interesting cuts and straps. At least one pair of unique patterned leggings are also a must-have, just like this Fashionista’s!

This Fashionista’s workout outfit centers on her colorful floral leggings. Whether you like them bold or more subdued, there’s a pair of fun leggings out there that will fit your aesthetic. Leggings range from fashion-forward animal prints to bright, bold patterns. This Fashionista also added another pop of color with aqua her sports bra. I find this is an item to have fun with. There are so many colors and styles that have interesting cutouts in the back. To mute down her bright look a bit, this Fashionista added a simple cropped tank top in a neutral color. For footwear, she slipped on a pair of black Nikes. Your tennis shoes are another chance to add a bit of personality because they also come in so many colors and prints. You can even customize your own pair! To complete her look, this Fashionista secured her hair by braiding part of it and tying the rest into a ponytail. Her hair should stay perfectly in place throughout her entire workout so she can focus on the exercises she’s doing.

If you’re in need of a little motivation to get off the couch and on the treadmill, head to your favorite fitness apparel store and buy a chic, new look. You can even use this Fashionista’s workout ready look as inspiration!

One Simple Change: With a simple swap, this look can also be the perfect laid back weekend wear. For a sporty-chic look for brunch or running errands, swap the cropped tank top for an oversized neutral-colored T-shirt. Grab a leather jacket while you’re rushing out the door for a complete, on-trend ensemble.