Let’s be honest, we go to the gym to work out, but that is no excuse to not be fashionable while staying fit. You often run into people you know and people you may wish to know. Although your priority is to workout, it can sometimes be embarrassing if you are wearing a run-down T-shirt and baggy shorts or sweatpants. With new fitness fads making the gym a more attractive place for students like you, there are now dozens of retail stores that carry workout gear keen to the eye. It has never been easier finding items anywhere from designer brands such as lululemon, Athleta or Gap and to your local department stores such as Target. Companies have made their fitness clothes so appealing to the eye, you could wear these outfits every day!

You can rock this Fashionista’s workout look any time of the day—from running errands, to class and lounging around at home.

This Fashionista sports a perfectly trendy and comfortable gym look that will have you feeling motivated to get off the couch and hit the gym. This Fashionista perfectly complements the outfit by wearing a neutral shade at the base, sporting black running shoes and tights with accents of gray and white. She does however add a pop of color with her vibrant orange T-shirt and olive green rain jacket.

What I loved most about this outfit is that it was outside ready and if she wanted to workout outside she could; especially in the rain. My favorite part of her outfit was her active rain gear.

One Simple Change: After you hit the gym, you are now ready to head over to the library. Simply swap your sneakers for a pair of rain boots or UGGs, allowing you to trek campus comfortably.