Finding the motivation to drag yourself to the gym on a dull, winter day is already hard enough. So, trying to stay fashionable as you break a sweat is even more of a challenge. However, this Fashionisto managed to put together a sporty and stylish look before he began his workout. Typically, playing with bright colors and incorporating trends into your look will help to energize your outfit and boost your mood.

This Fashionisto is wearing a navy blue Nike jacket with white detailing. He continues this color theme with his backpack and blue and green Nike sneakers. Perhaps my favorite feature of his look is his pair of black jogger pants. These pants are a much more chic alternative to your typical baggy, gray sweatpants. They have pockets and gold accents, which really elevate the style of the entire look.

When you’re deciding to take time out to go to the gym, it’s always important to keep comfort in mind. Jogger pants are of course a great option, and they come in many different varieties. Also, a more stylish alternative to the typical sweatshirt is a cowl neck hoodie. In order to really make your gym outfit really stand out, you can also go for exciting colors and patterns. This neon pullover or these patterned shoes will definitely add a lot of personality to the entire look.

One Simple Change: If you’re working out, and need a quick change to make it to class on time, try adding an anorak jacket and a knit scarf over your sweatshirt.