July 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

Summer is always a time that sparks a desire for change. Students have breaks from their hectic school schedule and almost start a half New Years resolution. Most of those resolutions involve perfecting a summertime body. The university recreation center is at much slower pace as most of the student population has headed home for the summer. Summertime means it’s the perfect time to start a new workout routine without the stress of fitting it into your hardcore semester schedules.

I spotted today’s Fashionisto on his way to the gym on a rainy day after his summer class. He let me know that he always blocks out a portion of his day to work out even if the weather wants him to do otherwise. Since the weather was a little more brisk today, this Fashionisto opted for a sweater. He decided to wear this over the tank top he was wearing to work out in since he had class beforehand. It still is mid-July, so he paired the sweater with a simple black pair of cargo shorts.

The rest of his work out gear, he kept in a drawstring bag. He chooses to carry this during the summer rather than his back pack simply because it’s more compact and he doesn’t need it to hold as much. Instead of getting his running shoes dirty in the mud today, this Fashionisto slipped on a pair of slides with his workout socks and headed out the door.

One Simple Change: Since this is such a casual outfit, it can easily be transitioned to be worn to run errands. By ditching the socks and wearing a nicer pair of shoes, this Fashionisto can mark things off his to-do list after class or after his workout.