Summer is one of the two times you see a larger majority of people at the gym; the other time is right after New Year’s when everyone makes it their New Years Resolution to get fit. Although I have never made it my New Year’s resolution or thought since it is summer to start working out, I do enjoy a cute workout outfit to give the illusion that I do so. Some days when I’m feeling lazy and feel like it is time to “workout” I’ll throw on something casual like this Fashionisto or I’ll try to keep it trendy. By keeping it trendy I mean trying to recreate the looks that the adidas collection by Stella McCartney have collaborated on and created. Her new spring/summer 2015 collection consists of bright/neutral colors, graphic prints and what I think is a techno/futuristic vibe. However I usually go for the casual, clean cut look like this Fashionisto went for.

Working out in the summer can sometimes be dreadful since it has now hit above 100 degrees in this beautiful sunshine state that we live in. This Fashionisto found a way to keep it cool in his bright neon colored shirt and sneakers. I do not even want to mention his choice in shorts—I think he forgot he goes to USF. However his choice of Nike sneakers are on point. Not only is the shade of blue perfect, but the style this Fashionisto chose is one that several Fashionista/os are getting and they’re known as Nike Roshe.

One Simple Change: When summer sadly comes to an end, going from summer to winter is an easy transition. Switching from shorts to sweatpants (preferably Bulls sweatpants) creates this warmer look for your cold winter runs. If your winter is not in Florida and the weather forecast says there will be snow, add a pullover or zip-up jacket to keep you extra warm.