Here at Ithaca College, spring semester is the time everyone is more likely to study abroad because they’re so eager to escape our brutal winters. This year, we’ve been lucky and have barely had cold temperatures, let alone the extreme lake effect snow storms we’re used to.

It can be hard to know what to wear during an upstate New York winter because the temperatures and precipitation change day to day. As a native upstater, the best advice I can give you for these winter months is to layer, layer, layer.

This Fashionisto’s look is perfect for a chilly day of classes. His unbuttoned mockneck sweater allows for a complementary button-down shirt to peek through, which is a great way to layer without making your outfit look bulky. His dark jeans are a great way to dress down an otherwise office or interview-ready look.

This Fashionisto’s look is finished off by two winter staples: a versatile wool coat in a neutral color and a pair of sturdy, but stylish, winter boots. Since his coat is a neutral gray color, it is easy to wear it with bold pieces and, even though it is a peacoat, the wool material will keep this Fashionisto warm on windy days. His boots aren’t as clunky as a lot of the winter snow boots that some people sport on campus, and are a bit more stylish, too.

One Simple Change: Have an important summer internship interview after class? Ditch the jeans for a pair of dress pants and throw on a tie to take this look to a professional level.