December 28th, 2015 at 2:10am

It can be a slightly complicated transition from fall to winter for a variety of reasons. On our campus, anxiety surfaces when the leaves disappear and are seemingly replaced with mocking posters warning “winter is coming.” Couple this fear of winter with color-shyness, and we have a palpable problem. Some of us only dream of the ability to commit to a stylish winter wardrobe that still incorporates color. I can vouch for this, considering my daily wardrobe is nearly all black. So, how does one incorporate color in a classic and modern way for winter? The answer is neutrals.

Headed by earthy tones like sage, khaki and burnt warm tones, the neutral palette is excellent for those seeking more color in the numb months following the peak of autumn. As the leaves are shed, adopt those forgotten neutral tones into your own wardrobe, as this Fashionisto does.

A flecked J.Crew crewneck sweater in a cooler emerald is enhanced with brown elbow patches, giving a casual but classic detail. Pairing this with khaki chinos with a rolled cuff, the neutral tones continue to guide the look from head-to-toe. Important for every sensible collegiate man is the wristwatch. Appearing on this Fashionisto is the Nixon Corporal watch– which keeps consistent with the color scheme and is an all-in-all sleek option. Finalizing the look is an effortless smile, glossy sunglasses and brogue boots that mean business. The brogues are a fresh and modern alternative in a structured shape for the winter. Appropriately staged on a brick path, the brogues seem to directly capture the brick color.

One Simple Change: In a coffee shop, traversing campus and heading from task to task, this Fashionisto’s outfit really is appropriate anywhere because of its polished but casual vibe. However, should the look be tapered for a more formal event or casual interview, it would only need a tailored blazer, possibly in navy, and a chestnut-colored loafer. Lastly, if you are a gentleman who seeks a daring option, I will suggest a velvet blazer because velvet is an upcoming trend being incorporated into menswear too.