The frigid wintery days are fast approaching here in Italy, which add to the christmas spirit found throughout the streets of Florence. As you make your way to class you can now see the locals bundled up in their winter parkas with giant blanket scarves wrapped up to their eyes. Being from Wisconsin, I personally don’t think the temperature is quite that extreme, but I have to admit I’ve pull out the winter jacket a few times now. It’s a different game when it comes to outerwear in the always fashionable city of Florence. The classic college girl staple of America such as The North Face down parka, just hasn’t taken over the young italian culture yet. Instead, long wool trench coats, herringbone waistcoats and vibrantly patterned scarves are all the rave.

This Fashionista went for an attention grabbing asymmetrical blanket coat. It is definitely a statement piece that creates a whole look entirely on its own. With its obvious attention to detail, this coat communicates style in a sophisticated way. The details in the coat are what makes it special. Its silver zippers down the cuffs, leather trim around the collar and the split bottom makes it quite unique. The collar on the coat is its best attribute in my opinion. It can be worn two ways which gives the coat two completely different looks. It can be worn with the flaps open and lying downward with the leather trim exposed, or as a high wrap neck to protect you from the chilly winds.

The blanket pattern on the coat gives it a young and fun feel compared to all the black worn here in Italy. The wool fabric is thick and warm making it perfect for the extra cold days. This Fashionista chose to pair her trendy coat with some cute black heeled booties. Her choice of footwear dresses this look up and gives her an extra stylish feel. For bottoms she chose comfy black jeggings which are great for comfort all day. Lastly, this Fashionista threw on different rings which she’s collected from her travels.They are a great personal detail with a good story behind them.

One Simple Change: Change out the heeled booties for some knee-high flat boots for a more suitable outfit for weekend traveling.