March 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

The latest winter storm has hit Toronto, and it’s seriously got us students dreaming of spring weather! It sure would make my commute to school less dreadful knowing I don’t have to bundle up in a bunch of layers, walk through the snow and slush to get to class every morning. We’ve had a pretty mild winter up until this point, so I technically shouldn’t be complaining. I’m sure we can all relate to the struggle of winter dressing; We’re trying to look fashionable yet we want to be warm and wear the proper attire for the weather. Sometimes this can be challenging to do; however, this Fashionisto manages to stay warm and weather appropriate all while looking stylish on campus. If you’re feeling the winter blues or just totally uninspired, here’s a perfect winter outfit that combines sensibility and standout style.

I was drawn to the minimalism of this outfit and how chic it looks. Every Canadian should own a Canada Goose jacket for those frigid and arctic like temperatures we have to endure. This Fashionisto kept his jacket open to reveal a classic black turtleneck underneath. Turtlenecks have made a major comeback this winter and I love the versatility and simplicity of it; It’s definitely a wardrobe staple. The high neck adds some warmth to the outfit and eliminates the need for a scarf, which can sometimes be too bulky when you have a heavier jacket. I really loved how this Fashionisto chose to pair his black turtleneck with a pair of light wash jeans that added a lighter element to the look and breaks up all the black. A warm and waterproof pair of boots is a must for walking through the snow and slush on the streets of Toronto, and again this Fashionisto doesn’t skip on style. These boots have an urban appeal to them and really adds the finishing touch to this outfit, plus they’re actually made for the snow! Lastly, a black leather backpack worn over one shoulder completes the ensemble.

One Simple Change: To easily transition this look from winter to spring, simply switch out the parka for a trench coat and add a pair of sneakers instead of boots. Voila! You’re ready for spring!