With storm Jonas taking over most of our lives, fashion has been pushed to the wayside and we have quickly replaced it with comfort and warmth. Some of us have resorted to our favorite sweatpants and a hoodie. Although these seem like sensible options for traveling in the snow there are many ways to adapt to weather without completely throwing out our favorite stylish looks. Expressing yourself and your distinct style is always a necessity in any weather. This Fashionista demonstrates that your unique aesthetics and killer details can make any storm seem small in comparison to your style.

Her Fashionista abilities are displayed through her edgy tomboy look and the confidence she carried with it. Strutting in her tough platform combat boots helped her withstand the snow and support her through her long journey to class. The balance between her ability to embrace the cold weather and the beaming sun by adding details such as her sunglasses and cool beanie. To top off her look she chose a cool extra-long bomber jacket that helped complement her leather pants. This look is a great example of what to wear to battle the weather while keeping true to yourself.

One Simple Change: Want to go from wintertime fine to springtime chic? Scrap the combat boots and add a cool pair of colored flats. Also swap out the jacket for a cool lightweight denim jacket, roll up the sleeves, keep the shades and you are ready for the sun!