WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

November 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

Finally after five days of early class times and hectic school days, the weekend has arrived to save you from possible death by sleep deprivation. Saturdays are full of possibilities. Brunch at your favorite restaurant? Yes! Shopping with friends? Totally doable. Often times, though, all you’re craving is a day in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix as you munch on leftover pizza in your underwear. Who has the energy to go out into the world and nicely dressed on top of that, on a college students only day of relaxation? (Yes, Sunday is also a class-free day, but every student knows that Sundays are left for doing the homework you pushed off until the very last possible moment). But we all should take inspiration from this Fashionisto and get dressed for the weekends activities as if we were heading to NYFW.

Praising his love for Zara, this Fashionisto’s look is centered around his dress casual blazer jacket which gives the entire outfit a polished look that can be appropriate for daytime or nighttime activities! The simple button-up with the a fall-themed scarf gives the entire ensemble a classic feel. The Fashionisto’s choice of simple, white tennis shoes was done to keep the outfit less formal and more comfortable. Staying cozy while remaining stylish can be tricky, but this Fashionisto managed to demonstrate the perfect fall getup.

One Simple Change: Take this look from casual Saturday attire to a perfect date night or fancy dinner outfit by changing the shoes from sneakers to a pair of sleek leather oxfords, making the look instantly dressy!