WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

December 1st, 2015 at 2:10am

As the weekend approaches, my mind always wanders to the possibilities of outfits that can be worn during those few days of freedom. The weekends are usually reserved for fun activities such as going out with friends and finding new places for sightseeing opportunities. I believe weekends are the days where we can take a break from the hectic lifestyle of the college campus and unwind in a different location. That is why having a city nearby is such a benefit because it serves as an escapes and inspiration all at once. Taking a trip to a city or just a road trip requires a certain agenda of staple pieces that must be worn during the trip. Personally, I gravitate to simple bottoms with more going on in the top. Maybe you can try having the accents or pops of details in accessories such as a hat or shoes, my personal favorite. Whatever outfit you create must be one that will last all day in order to fully experience what the weekend has to offer.

On my weekend getaway, I encountered this Fashionista rocking the perfect ensemble to go around the city in. She paired perfect slim black pants with a white top which makes the perfect neutral combo as a starting point. Then, she added on a denim jacket and cross-body purse that is the best solution to a weekend wear outfit. My favorite part of this whole outfit is the boots. Oh my, how much I adore a fabulous shoe and this one is the perfect mix between comfort and edge. The vintage hat balances off the roughness of the heel. It ultimately creates an outfit worthy of roaming the streets in.

One Simple Change: Take off the denim jacket and hat and switch out the black jeans for a black skirt. The heels change to an open-toe and there you have an evening look as worthy as weekend wear for a different scene.