WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

We all tiredly shuffle or run/speed-walk to class in our pajamas at 8:00 a.m. sometimes, with some excuse as to explain why wearing slippers in class happened. The “I can’t even with Dr. So-and-So today” and the “My alarm didn’t go off!” are most often heard. But my personal favorite happens to be, “It was the first thing I found on my floor.” These are all very valid excuses, and I applaud and join the many college students who do use them in times of fashion trouble.

I called in the weekend warriors on campus to find looks that could be managed from weekend evening dates to Sunday brunch hangovers, ones that weren’t pajamas. This Fashionisto had a relaxed preppy look that could be carried over into whatever fun adventure he had planned for the weekend. The Fashionisto had a handsome pullover on top of a crisp button-up, giving him an effortless look. He also had on details that completed this weekend casual look with a leather watch, which splendidly paired with his brown chukka boots.

This look is perfect for the weekend because it lends itself to being able to function for every occasion the weekend might have to offer. This look could work for a first date on Saturday night, for example, because of the nature of it not being overly dressy, but also conveying confidence at the same time with the dark tones in the outfit. This look is also brunch approved because of the easiness of looking put-together with a few, strong pieces from your wardrobe.

One Simple Change: How do you take this casual weekend outfit and make it more presentable? Maybe for a more serious occasion during the weekend, like meeting the parents? Easy kiddies, tuck in that same button-down and put on a sports jacket to impress the ‘rents with your cool, calm and collected vibes.