WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The impending release of a new One Direction album (and midterms) can only mean one thing: fall is in full swing! Despite the piles of schoolwork that are starting to pile up, it’s only natural to want to escape from the library once and a while to maintain your sanity and to enjoy the last warm weekends of the year.

In New York City, weekend plans can mean anything from brunch to museum hopping, so it’s very important that you have various ensembles for those two precious days and what the days will entail. Let this Fashionista be your guide for a perfectly versatile, weekend-in-the-city look that is elegant, effortless and comfortable to boot.

The interplay of loose, wide leg pants with a cropped, fitted sweater (both in NYC-approved neutrals) make this outfit a prime example of how to maintain balance while playing with shape and texture. An added bonus: the pants give you the comfort and look of a skirt and prevent any Marilyn Monroe moments while you’re on the go. Rescue your legs from drowning in a sea of billowing fabric with a short heel—this Fashionista has chosen a sleek pair of black leather open-toe mules.

Just because this outfit is killing it in the minimalist game, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, too! In a chic and cheeky nod to the ’90s, she has accessorized with a pair of eye-catching gold hoops and a nameplate necklace—a playful addition to any jewelry collection. Otherwise, she keeps it simple with delicate rings, classic sunglasses and a black leather cross-body bag from Coach that is the perfect size for all your day-out essentials. A bold lip and touch of berry-colored Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish add a perfect pop of color to the otherwise neutral look.

With this Fashionista as your inspiration, you’re ready for your most fashionable fall weekends yet! Eat something pumpkin-flavored, dance in a few leaf piles and snap some good photos for me.

One Simple Change: After a busy day out, take this look from day to night with a faux fur moto jacket. The jacket will keep you cozy in the cool evening temperatures and elevate the look for whatever glamorous events your evening has in store.