WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

July 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

 Ain’t no better time than summertime! Summer is the season for everyone to let loose with all types of patterns. You know summer makes you want to break out all your best outfits and all your brightest colors because there’s no season more vibrant than now. In the summer, every street you pass is filled with energy from the sky to the flowers. Here in New York though, the days have been nothing but insane from humid weather to rainy weather all in one week. But a little rain won’t dull anyone’s outfit! Instead of popping your collar this summer, you should be popping in color and patterns like this Fashionisto.

When I ran into this Fashionisto, I couldn’t help but stare because his outfit had so much individuality. This button-down shirt he chose gives an urban feel and is perfect in the summer because it pops with bright colors and has a stylish pattern. The outfit he chose was intriguing and really caught my attention! He didn’t need much for this outfit because there was so much going on between the design in his button-down and the stylish shoes he chose to wear. For any summer occasion, a guy can never go wrong with a button-down shirt, shorts and a fly pair of kicks!

One Simple Change: Wait a second—since the weather is constantly changing from humid to rainy in New York, I would have chosen a better pair of shoes. Sneakers can become too hot to wear while walking around in the summer and in the rain, your sneakers could get ruined! No one wants to wear a smelly pair of shoes from rain, that’s for sure! The outfit he chose could also work for a date night because he wore a nice button-down and just by changing his shorts into pants, he could have an easy transition for a date!