WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

So many times I have found it easier to pick and choose outfits for my friends, sister, mom or even that distant aunt you see only on occasions more than myself. What I love even more is advising men with their style choices. I rarely get the opportunity to do that lately, but if I had to style a man for a casual weekend in NYC, this Fashionisto’s nautical-inspired look would definitely hit my approval rating.

We women tend to assume men have it so much simpler, with fewer and less detailed options, perhaps. Guess what? We are wrong…okay, slightly wrong. While they have the general advantage of avoiding questions like, “do these shoes match the shade of my lipstick?” or “can you see my bra in this shirt?”, they instead need and should try to spark up their basic T-shirts and shorts with color, versatility and pattern. What would you wear if you were a dude? For starters, I’d choose either a solid color top with printed and patterned bottoms, or vice versa. However, if prints are not available, I would probably choose to stand out with an accessory such as a leather banded watch, maybe matching the material or color of the shoes.

I tend to find myself frequently recommending J.Crew styles for men, along with Gap and VINCE. They all appeal to the “clean cut” taste while carrying modern and trendy styles to switch up and play around with.

One Simple Change: For a chilly summer night, keep the material and patterned shorts, but swap the lightweight short sleeve top, for a chambray long sleeve button-down to keep just a tad warmer after sunset.