WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

For Fashionistas/os it seems there just might be an invisible catwalk or red carpet beneath their fashionably clad bodies at all times. Whether perusing at the farmers market, the mall or an art gallery, weekends are filled with fun year-round! The summer months are especially exciting because with the general increase in temperature comes a decrease in school or work related activities. More free time always means more time to do the things we love while enjoying our college years. As you’re making plans, the fashion conscious portion of your brain will also start to visualize the looks for these upcoming gatherings, outings, trips or events. Going forward this summer consider translating this Fashionista’s look into your personal style for a not-so-predictable weekend outfit.

A few things were made quite clear through this chic ensemble. Most importantly, I realized that in Upstate NY we are still experiencing some cooler days. This Fashionista opted for a leather jacket to make sure she wouldn’t be freezing when stepping out for the day. The studded detail on the shoulders made it super trendy. Paired with a simple tank top it was just the right amount of layers for the month of June. Another aspect that stood out was the go-to color scheme for the fashionable individual: black, black, black.

The boyfriend jeans allowed for comfort, and they’re versatile enough to be worn to several different occasions on the weekends. She stuck with mostly gilded accessories including a statement ear cuff, a wrist cuff and some pretty rad rings on each hand. Her footwear choice was the ever-so-trendy white sneakers. They were Michael Kors quilted canvas and featured a plated toe to match the rest of her jewels. This decision is huge for weekend plans because you never know where you will end up, or how long you will have to walk/remain on your feet. She definitely knows how to make everyday a fashion show. This look is an exceptional example of how you can keep up with a busy weekend of plans while looking fabulous and feeling great.

One Simple Change: So you have your first date night of the summer and your goal is to not appear over or under dressed. This look can be ideal for those exact specifications. Not only will you feel super confident because it is so comfortable, but you can also easily dress it up a bit! Reciprocate those relaxed vibes and swap your blatantly casual sneakers for some understated yet eternally stylish black or nude sandals.