WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

At the beginning of summer vacation, how many times do we catch up with a friend we haven’t been able to see all semester or maybe even an old friend from high school at a local coffee shop or a Starbucks? For me the answer is way too many times, and the question of what to wear usually arises. Should I just go in full on yoga pants and tank top mode, or should I look a little bit more dressed up for the occasion? For me, dressing up a gives me a boost of self confidence, especially when I am meeting up with someone I haven’t seen in a while. Taking the time to add some personal touches to an outfit or even to dress up a little more shows that you are also taking that meeting seriously and that you respect that person’s time. Good friends are worth getting dressed up for!

This Fashionista has the right idea. I grabbed her just as she was walking out of The Coffeehouse from a summer school study session with one of her sorority sisters. It is the perfect mix of cute, comfortable, and also casual. It’s not overly dressy and suits the coffee shop environment well.

“I’m really comfortable in this outfit. It shows that I’m serious about meeting up to study, but it’s also not overly fancy. I think it’s a right in the middle, which is perfect.” She says.

Want to look like a boss the next time you step into Starbucks to meet up with a friend or study? A pretty statement necklace will give you an extra edge, as well as a bright, bold tank top and a cardigan.  Simple footwear helps avoid going overboard.

One Simple Change: Since it is growing hotter outside but the minute, feel free to ditch the cardigan (which would usually work better with color mornings or nights!) for just the tank top or a short sleeve button up.