WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Ah…weekends. They are literally the highlight of my week. Everyone knows that weekends are the best. You have the freedom from the confines of school and work to do whatever your heart desires, whether that is going shopping, watching the newest blockbuster movie at the local theater or just simply chilling at home in your beloved cat-patterned pajamas. May I say it again? Weekends are definitely the best. Although if you decide against staying curled up at home watching Netflix (and avoiding your newest TV addiction) and want to head out, make sure you change out of those frumpy PJs and exchange them for apparel that is chic but comfy.

This Fashionista’s polished outfit is the ideal example of how to dress on the weekend. This modish attire avoids looking all frumpy and frazzled from the long weekdays of classes and stress. From her tan faux leather jacket to her chic combat boots, this Fashionista is ready to relax while looking trendy. Her jacket is a nice replacement from the traditional dark colors. The bold tank top keeps her looking cool while the black leggings add comfort to the ensemble. This Fashionista’s awesome brown combat boots add a unique edge with the fold-over cuffs decorated with Aztec prints. Plus, these boots will look pretty sweet in the summer when paired with denim shorts. Overall, this Fashionista kept her accessories to a minimum with sleek Coach sunglasses because what’s a girl to do without her shades?

So before walking out the door this weekend, make sure you are heading out in style. If that seems unappealing, simply choose the alternative route by staying at home and sporting your cat-patterned pajamas while watching your favorite TV show. Who is going to blame you for making that decision?

One Simple Change: Heading back to classes or work on Monday? Don’t freak out; exchange the tank top for a refined white button-down shirt.