WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The temptation has not subsided, merely increased. Finals are creeping close and those university sweats are hanging over your desk chair? Comfy and cozy. But when the weekend hits, fight the urge to slip into your jammies. Make jeans and a T-shirt you’re go-to, if it isn’t already. Not too far from your favorite P.J. Salvage’s, this combination is a perfect answer to all your looming, finals blues.

For those sleep-in Saturdays, continue your weekend ease with some worn-in skinnies, an oversized T-shirt and a utilitarian jacket like this Fashionisto. With my head down, I stumbled across his vintage slip-ons trudging through a crowd of Nikes, Vans and Sperry Top-Siders. As I looked up, I took in his casual cool look. Who needs slippers, when you have moccasins? I envied his look because not only did his outfit channel a Brooklyn edge, but he looked as relaxed as me and my lululemon leggings (not my most fashionable moment). It was chilly for a Southern California day—his quick fix? The military jacket. His had dual gray tones and industrial clasps, like this Topshop pick. With their multiple pockets and other fashion do-das, the outer-layer staple serves as a socially acceptable blanket on your way to a seaside brunch. I say cozy up!

Although jeans and T-shirts can sound boring and bland, the duo has not lost its simple solution reputation. Hide your North Face pullover and grab the denim. You’ll look and feel great. Plus, it will never feel like you left the couch. Win, win. All that’s missing is a piping hot latte and a calm morning at home.

One Simple Change: Exchange the band T-shirt for a button-up and this look jumps to the date-worthy zone.